Bread Boys but nothing goes wrong
Bread Boys

  • NEO_Flame

    If nothing goes wrong in a bread boys video it did go wrong

  • EmilyPrime

    Video hasn’t even started yet but I know it’s a lie

  • Emmanuel González
    Emmanuel González


  • Spaceman 3000
    Spaceman 3000

    Careful son! Too much not being shot by father could cause the universe to implode! Killing everyone in it, erasing it from exis

  • AlexParker

    Dude I fucking hate when I have to do Khan academy

  • The destroyer 2000 red and blue
    The destroyer 2000 red and blue

    The best son and the dad with no purpose anymore 🤣😢

  • Raizerucas

    Flagging this for spam or misleading.

  • Royal Menrier Sta Maria
    Royal Menrier Sta Maria

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="56">0:56</a> me when the boss insta kills me when he's in 1% health

  • MyFrog Wants love
    MyFrog Wants love


  • Doppio Vinegar
    Doppio Vinegar

    I have that exact Christmas plate what the fuck

  • Nuttyy

    Father: eats bread with cutlery

  • BoneChill, King of the Cold Dark
    BoneChill, King of the Cold Dark

    Guys, we saw the son’s shadow

  • Offwhite Boi
    Offwhite Boi

    Son?,why do i always see a heart Next to a comment sometimes

  • Kyle Vansteelandt
    Kyle Vansteelandt

    It's about time that they finally got something right.

  • Efe Kartal Yılmaz YILMAZ
    Efe Kartal Yılmaz YILMAZ

    What Happened Man!! What Happened To FUNNY DAYS!! 😢😢

  • Mohammad Al Ghouthani
    Mohammad Al Ghouthani

    At least father is respectful and apologises when he realizes his mistakes. Unlike some parents that dont.

  • Adin Benson
    Adin Benson

    The girlfriend was Lana Rhoades...

  • Xen

    Last Girlfriend was hotter ngllllllldhskmfjwnwifjifneienrjnjrfjjdnjeoeksnfn ndnenelkd

  • Game Heer
    Game Heer

    Best DAD ever

  • Marek Janda
    Marek Janda

    What happened to your helm?

  • hoooligans

    Son: does nothing wrong Father: *Impossible, perhaps the archives are incomplete.*

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Son: does nothing wrong Father: “your not my son”

  • Picklebobpie


  • Peter James Villegas
    Peter James Villegas

    There's one problem here: He's dating a hot girl, that means he's a Simp (kill me)

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Me: reads title W A I T T H A T S I L L E G A L

  • Boss Darius
    Boss Darius

    Son:* slowly breaks bad habits and replace them with good ones Father : *WHERE DID I GO SO WRONG*

  • Real Mick
    Real Mick

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a> Takes all of his food just in case his Father forces him to *run* .

  • Missile 201
    Missile 201

    Father not shooting son is physically hurting me

  • SWADIAN Knight
    SWADIAN Knight


  • IwasBoosted

    The Father needs a snickers

  • Torchwood44000

    Going out with Lana Rhoades eh? Can’t imagine he’d bed too happy about that.

  • Conor Garcia
    Conor Garcia

    Oh my god Lofi Hip Hop!

  • God Dammit No
    God Dammit No

    So since they're over 700 years old - it's kinda cute to see them trying to fit into the modern world

    • Translated Chicken
      Translated Chicken


  • Simon S.
    Simon S.

    Lol, why'd you remove the food from your plate with youe hand?

  • Nexus Z
    Nexus Z

    Tin can headed dude has a normal girlfriend. TIN.HEAD.BUT.GIRLFRIEND Me: *confused in heresy*

  • Otavio Miguel Schneider
    Otavio Miguel Schneider

    Why her girlfriend is lana rhoades wtf

  • GD FrostByte
    GD FrostByte

    Son: does nothing wrong Father: somethings wrong I can feel it

  • DatBoiTachanka

    It's not about becoming a holy crusader, but the weeb shit we made along the way.

  • President Xi Jinping
    President Xi Jinping

    Son: *Has an actual real life girl friend Father: IMPOSSIBLE

  • YeeTuS mCLeEtuS
    YeeTuS mCLeEtuS

    My guy showed a pic of lana Rhodes

  • Kooo Faaa
    Kooo Faaa

    Me: reads title W A I T T H A T S I L L E G A L

  • TrialEdition

    thats rare

  • Lone Sparrow
    Lone Sparrow

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> I have a question for God: WHY?!?!

  • Mackenzie Cadarette
    Mackenzie Cadarette

    All he ever wanted to do was kill his firstborn child ;(

  • Wyatt Wilkerson
    Wyatt Wilkerson

    Bread Boys but it is opposite day

  • Soviet Gopnik Anims
    Soviet Gopnik Anims

    One thing he did bad is filming his dad

  • Scaros!

    Video:666 dislikes Me: Your time has finally came

  • I Supply Internet Access To That Random Bigfoot
    I Supply Internet Access To That Random Bigfoot

    It’s almost unusable not to hear son scream at the end of every video.

  • kävin -
    kävin -

    All i can say Is

  • Radanović

    "You unlocked the good ending"

  • xd xd
    xd xd

    oh no they have a cage there they shot a hamster or something (joke because i feel theres gonna be some dumbasses)

  • Pospai Alex
    Pospai Alex

    This is blursed

  • pinkdrink

    idk why i found this funnier



  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    I didn’t know you were left handed

  • Lord HA4D1
    Lord HA4D1

    The most strange video I've ever seen

  • Bluefra 04
    Bluefra 04

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> When you lose jerusalem

  • Estrode


  • Cpc360

    She looks just like my girl

  • Rollins Schalk
    Rollins Schalk

    His dad has a strange addiction to shoot his son in the face

  • Priz The Wizard
    Priz The Wizard

    The Father is having a mental breakdown because he couldn't use the shotgun.

  • anab za
    anab za

    Why he is showing lana rhoades s photo

  • coolguy47

    Lana Rhoades is his girlfriend thank me later.

  • JJ TheSpartan_117
    JJ TheSpartan_117

    What if this is a prologue and because of him being normal the dad beat him, resulting in his turn to heresy

  • Mateja Stoiljkovic
    Mateja Stoiljkovic

    The girlfriend....

  • 3du4rd0 plush
    3du4rd0 plush

    Its not the same (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

  • yoda

    I kind of like this chill

  • innovation inc
    innovation inc

    Nuke In the sky

  • abdeziel _
    abdeziel _

    Bruh, my mans got the girl

  • erfan eden donata
    erfan eden donata

    this video:*exist* shotgun:imma head out

  • Geffenleffen

    Without purpose in life, what does one warrior do...

  • Chickenasaurus

    A minute long video. . . We've hit a new low folks.

  • The Most Beautiful Man You’ve Ever Seen
    The Most Beautiful Man You’ve Ever Seen

    Somethings wrong if nothing goes wrong.

  • Noob Liiter
    Noob Liiter


  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master

    Doing math while watching a pretty girl study.....damn...If that works for you then I might give it a shot...

  • Kennedykid

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> Now this is some serious gourmet shit.

  • Never Pro
    Never Pro

    Girl:Boys don't know true anxiety Boys:

  • Aryamanthelegend Varun
    Aryamanthelegend Varun

    You forgot to say SON THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

  • DR horsehead
    DR horsehead

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a>. H E W A S A N T R E A D I N G

  • Đức duy Ngô
    Đức duy Ngô


  • Perfectly Normal
    Perfectly Normal

    I wonder what happened to mother