Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long (Nickelodeon VS Disney) | DEATH BATTLE!
Go ghost and dragon up as two mystic teenagers duke it out!
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  • p4lmt0pt1g3r

    What I want to see is Lich King (WoW) vs the Night King (GoT)

  • Washington Bros Elite
    Washington Bros Elite

    Dhalsim from street fighter vs luffy from one piece

  • EmperorLionflame

    Kain from Legacy of Kain! Would be perfect for DB, so many options and abilities.

  • Washington Bros Elite
    Washington Bros Elite

    Floyyd from streets of rage 4 vs Jax from mortal kombat

  • Kaipoa Sadachi
    Kaipoa Sadachi

    How about Palutena vs admiral Kizaru (Kid Icarus vs One piece) Plzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • 4 Vibes
    4 Vibes


  • Shapeshift_4lly

    Honestly I think if Danny and Jake met it would be a great crossover, Only they probably wouldn't suddenly try to kill each other for no reason and become rather more like reasonable friends. Both have alot in common. But I could see why the name of this channel is called Death Battle they would have to fight here in some way. I definitely know that Danny is strong enough to beat him cause of the advantages of his Ghost and Ice type powers.

  • Christopher Grey
    Christopher Grey

    randy cunningham should get winner

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher

    This comment section is pretty chill about this death battle

  • Matthew Mukkala
    Matthew Mukkala

    Danny not only killed Jake, but upon his spirit leaving his psychical body he captured Jake with the thermos that he'll use to personally take him to the after life. That is so METAL! On the plus side, I'm sure Jake and Dorthia will get along quite nicely.

  • Velostar

    This like the season of lame cartoon clashes?

  • poposhisama

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="663">11:03</a> The suffering

  • Emma St. Clair
    Emma St. Clair

    Who should Yoda fight?

  • DaFireman33

    Wait.... Wonder Woman again?! ...this is lik d 3rd time shez gonna be on Death Battle

  • Red Hood Gamer
    Red Hood Gamer

    I guess that seems accurate.

  • Rejjie Rocket
    Rejjie Rocket

    Jason Voorhees vs Solomon Grundy super zombie vs super zombie

  • Daniel West
    Daniel West

    I fill sow old now

  • Whiskey_ Cyanide
    Whiskey_ Cyanide


  • Dylan Hampton
    Dylan Hampton

    Who here thinks that Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles should be in a Death Battle? I would love that! (regardless of whether he wins or not)

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim

    Jimmy Neutron vs. Ishigami Senku

  • Andrew Lockwood
    Andrew Lockwood

    Now, unless I'm misremembering these two early 2000's cartoon shows, neither Jake or Danny would actually transform in front of a "civilian" (close friends exempted) as that kind of ruins the whole secret identity thing. Also, neither would be out for blood, or anything of that nature. I do see the possibility of "fist-fight" between them either ending in mutual respect, or some building collapsing, putting "civilians" (as in their respective friends who would be trying to keep the other set in the dark about their respective secrets) in danger, forcing them to call "Time out" in order to save said civilians, and realize that they are actually on the same side.

  • Edwin Pell IV
    Edwin Pell IV

    Skynet (Terminator) vs. Shodan (System Shock 2)! Evil computer with time travel vs. evil computer with reality warping!

  • remwern seno
    remwern seno

    im still hoping for underdog vs krypto

  • Myles Miller
    Myles Miller

    Future Trunks vs Silver the hedgehog

  • S Muraleedharan Nair
    S Muraleedharan Nair

    Big Smoke vs BoRaiCho

  • Nicholas Hawley
    Nicholas Hawley

    How's this for a sequel to this battle: Dani Phantom (Danny's clone/younger sister) vs Haley Long (Jake's younger sister) What do you guys think?

  • Ernest Pearsall
    Ernest Pearsall

    What I think would be really great battles is between doctor fate and doctor Strange

  • Estevan Tafoya
    Estevan Tafoya

    Trigon vs Galactus

  • Christian Marte
    Christian Marte

    Do sheeva vs Ben 10 four arms next

  • Javis Lugo
    Javis Lugo

    Hulk vs Doomsday

  • Blossom49451

    Naofumi vs Captain America

  • Kevin Gs WK
    Kevin Gs WK


  • Matthew Gross
    Matthew Gross

    Death battle request: scorpion vs ghost Rider

    • Sharpie

      Ghost Rider vs Spawn is a lot better

  • kying james
    kying james

    Goku vs naruto

  • TheHanjoe300

    My childhood cartoons

  • Zasim Saddala
    Zasim Saddala

    Scarlet Witch Vs Zattana

  • Luke Mark
    Luke Mark

    Please do Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth) VS Eddie (Iron Maiden)

  • BrokeSonOfSparda

    If only Jake would've spoke first instead of throwing a punch at a random unarmed teen.

  • PJAsomeness OP
    PJAsomeness OP

    After she ra vs Wonder Woman next time Steven Universe vs Star Butterfly

    • Sharpie

      Naw Beerus might be next but idk who he’s fighting

  • Mehedi khan
    Mehedi khan

    I'm glad one if them didn't die

  • TheYeeter 29
    TheYeeter 29

    Steven universe vs star butterfly Magic vs magic

  • Mohammed Vally
    Mohammed Vally

    Batman vs iron man

  • davian Reynolds
    davian Reynolds

    Mob 100 Vs saiki k

  • Luuk van Rijn
    Luuk van Rijn

    You guys should do another battle Royale between the Furious Five from King Fu Panda, maybe without Po though...

  • G_rant Reynolds
    G_rant Reynolds

    Prince Zuko from ATLA vs Todoroki from Boku no Hero

  • scwolfbite

    Am I the only one who wants to see Bruce Lee in a Death Battle episode?

    • Achraf Rebibane
      Achraf Rebibane

      bruce lee vs boyka or iceman

  • Mohammad Bin Moghees
    Mohammad Bin Moghees

    Please do another fight including anyone from Mortal Kombat. It is my fav game series. Pls

  • Red Revanant Arc Demon
    Red Revanant Arc Demon

    Next Death Battle Goblin Slayer Vs Cautious Hero Seiya

  • James Deacy
    James Deacy

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="711">11:51</a> when somebody sneezes in a library by accident

  • Kraevorn

    Oh my god RvB ad!!!

  • Aloidia

    Man...These two are more of a threat to their city than most of their enemies lol

  • Kobe Harkness
    Kobe Harkness

    Ultron v brainiac mogo v ego atom v ant man. (marvel v dc)

  • Eddie

    Plastic Man vs Mr. Fantastic, Travis Touchdown vs Jack Cayman, Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter, CJ from Grand Theft Auto vs Johnny Gat from Saints Row.

  • Igor Aguilar
    Igor Aguilar

    the first 28 seconds was cringe.... seriously....


    Did anybody else saw the reason jake have green in his hair is because of hair gel P.S. John Wick vs John Rambo

  • Carl Larrison
    Carl Larrison

    It's worth a shot, I don't think you guys take requests but with Avatar returning to Netflix you should do a Death Battle to see which of the 4 Bending Techniques, and their evolved forms (Blood, Metal, Lightning, Etc.), is the strongest. That'd be awesome! Love the show.

  • electrobob992

    I personally would love a deathbattle between: Alex Mercer and Venom *or another symbiote*

  • electrobob992

    I always preferred that dragon design over that newer one. He was only half chinese, half american. So his dragon form should have been atleast half based on the American interpretations.


    there should be one for doomslayer vs kratos!

  • Donta Williams
    Donta Williams

    Kratos (God of war) vs Dante (Devil May Cry)

  • the one and only
    the one and only

    Can we have kid goku vs gon?

  • Montrel Maybin
    Montrel Maybin


  • Devante Maxfield
    Devante Maxfield

    Adult naruto vs adult aang 🤔🤔🤔 can you guy make this happen

  • Jateks1998

    I think a death battle tournament would be super cool. Like a season of past winners are put into a bracket and the winner becomes the death battle champion and then later on the title can be challenged. I think that would be awesome

  • LightSkin Senpai
    LightSkin Senpai

    Trigon va darksied take my money

  • Hyde Park productions
    Hyde Park productions

    infinite 100% deku vs superboy (Jonathan)

  • ꜱᴛʀ8 Killernate
    ꜱᴛʀ8 Killernate

    do nero from devil may cry

  • Faron Terry
    Faron Terry

    Could you please make King K. Rool and Bowser fight. Please.

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M

    Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) vs Professor Farmsworth (Futurama)

  • sam tf i am
    sam tf i am

    Next do Prince Zuko against somebody👌🏿

  • The King Of Nostalgia
    The King Of Nostalgia

    Wouldve liked a cameo from Ben 10 or Juniper Lee

  • Damian Thomas
    Damian Thomas

    I feel Shredder vs Scorpion would be awesome!

  • SilverAnimeWolf 2.0
    SilverAnimeWolf 2.0

    Wiz: Jake is 13 Background Age:14

  • Daniel 1974
    Daniel 1974

    Best death battle fight ever

  • Dredo5 Holloway
    Dredo5 Holloway

    You two should make bets in the clips lols would be cool and funny!

  • jordan farmer
    jordan farmer

    Saitama vs Saiki K please. I just want to know if saiki could beat Saitama. I mean...we know the answer but cant saiki go through time and change genetics?

  • E Walk
    E Walk

    How about the flood from halo vs crabheads from half life

  • SmiffyLel

    do zuko vs bakugo

  • oblivianmaster4

    Still waiting on the battle between Frieza (DBZ) vs Ulqiorra (Bleach)

  • Joseph Farhat
    Joseph Farhat

    Dissliked for shamless RT intro .....when DB is far better off with out RT's pail pastels

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