Dear Corey La Barrie, this song is for you... love you forever
Franny Arrieta
Rest easy angel I love you.
Not gonna lie
The mornings rough
When I wake up
And know you’re gone
It’s can’t be real
My hearts torn up
I start to think
Of all the times
We’d start to laugh
Until we cry
What I would do
So it could be just fine
You were the light when I was sad
You gave me hope when I was mad
You held my hand when I had fear
You held me tight when I had tears
You always were my guardian angel
But now I got you on my shoulder forever
You fought my wars when my mind was all tangled
But now I got you right next to me forever
Forever x4
But now I got you on my shoulder forever
Can’t fall asleep
You’re on mind
That night replays
Like on rewind
I see it all
I see the signs
You were the light when I was sad
You gave me hope when I was mad
You held my hand when I had fear
You held me tight when I had tears
You always were my guardian angel
But now I got you on my shoulder forever
You fought my wars when my mind was all tangled
But now I got you right next to me forever
Forever x4
But now I got you on my shoulder forever

  • Pooja Trivedi
    Pooja Trivedi

    But who are u singing this song for

  • Pooja Trivedi
    Pooja Trivedi

    Please don’t cry we all love u a lot 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 you voice is so so beautiful it’s the best 😘😘😘

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili

    gone. This is so heartbreaking. I love you Franny. Rest in Sweet, Heavenly peace Corey La Barrie.💙💙💙💙💙

  • Michelle Reyes
    Michelle Reyes

    I wish he never died 😖😭

  • Michelle Reyes
    Michelle Reyes


  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen

    bro im in tears rn. u can hear the pain in her voice. corey had just that beautiful soul. we love u corey, rip

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili

      going through anything he’s now happier than ever in heaven smilin down at u guys. He’ll always be with you franny. I remember every time watching videos of u guys he alwa

  • jordan crill
    jordan crill

    that song was beautiful

  • jordan crill
    jordan crill

    stay strong, much love;(

  • Yeudit Valdez
    Yeudit Valdez

    Such a beautiful song ♥️

  • lenama1234567890

    Literal. Goosebumps. RIP Corey

  • Ann

    For all the comments about her whipping her face, it happens when you cry so much that you don’t have tears left but your sorrow is still deep in you, that your body reacts with that mechanic movement.

  • maddie I
    maddie I

    Im going to be honest here i didnt really watch him or know who he was but this is honestly so sad. He seemed like he made a lot of people happy. 💓 i wish this wasnt the reason i found out about him Rest in peace Corey La Barrie.👑❤❤

  • Avery Hrynewich
    Avery Hrynewich

    2020: worst year and prob gonna get worse. rip corey la barrie ly

  • lexi kessingger
    lexi kessingger

    One day we will see corey la barie on day in Life we love you corey la barie😓

  • rourke

    so proud of you

  • The Contenders
    The Contenders

  • Jocelyn Elliott
    Jocelyn Elliott

    OMG Franny that was an absolutely beautiful song you wrote for Corey's Tribute. I am so sorry for your loss. R.I.P Corey. (Rest Easy) ❤️❤️❤️

  • MaddieTaylor

    We love you Franny!!!

  • Jessica

    Beautiful 😔❤️

  • Ezabel Nena
    Ezabel Nena

    Wow this is so fucking beautiful😭thank you for this, Fran🙏🏼💙

  • Marwa Marwasafa1
    Marwa Marwasafa1

    2020 was different not in a good way we will always remember him

  • Classy B
    Classy B

    aww I still can’t believe that this is real💔 just remember that you’ll see each other again. And that now he’s at ease from maybe something in his personal life, if he was ever going through anything he’s now happier than ever in heaven smilin down at u guys. He’ll always be with you franny. I remember every time watching videos of u guys he always seemed to be so sweet to u and adored u! You can keep all your memories with him alive in your heart. Those memories are real special, keep them with you. I don’t personally know you but I’m a big fan, I love you so much franny! Corey is now livin it up in heaven, and always watching over you and all his close ppl.

  • Allyson Hartmann
    Allyson Hartmann

    i’m so sorry fran, losing a friend is the worst feeling ever and it makes it so much worse when it’s someone who loved life as much as corey did. he is always with you and from now on you live your life for corey, so live it up and fill your life with oh wells :) sending you all my love and hoping you can stay strong in these unimaginable times 🤍 rest easy corey

  • Ali Simon
    Ali Simon

    Corey will be remembered forever by many. You guys are amazing friends and he was so lucky to have all of you. Stay strong Fran we are here to help you get through it ❤️

  • Ruby Kelly
    Ruby Kelly


  • KaY LiA
    KaY LiA


  • k hisghman
    k hisghman

    i cant watch these without balling my eyes out

  • Syair

    Frannys video would be of her singing .... of course making it about her 🤔

  • Faith E.
    Faith E.


  • brianna cotter
    brianna cotter

    I know you’re hurting right now but just know that I am praying for you. I lost my mom a few months ago and it hurts a lot but I know that I have a family that is here for me and a family that loves me. So do you. You have friends who care so much about you and they’re going through the same thing as you do in a way they can help you heal. Just know that they are here to help you and will never leave your side. Your song is beautiful and I hope the sun shines bright for you. I know the pain and I’m not going to say sorry because that’s the only thing people can say and the only thing I can. I know how much worse that can make it feel so I’m just not going to say it. I don’t want to make you feel worse. Try to have a nice day and just talk to him. It helps.

  • lexiee

    This is soooo beautiful.

  • Lotus lolita Maatman
    Lotus lolita Maatman

    Beautiful franny! He loves it 💙

  • Lacey Cameron
    Lacey Cameron

    I am so sorry for you loss

  • patricia nimer
    patricia nimer

    Is the song original? Its beautiful.

  • Jax X
    Jax X

    of course she would put an ad at the end

  • Deraw_SF

    This literally mead me cry 😭🖤🖤🥺

  • chestravis

    You were his number 1 girl franny, I will miss seeing him loving and hyping you up, giving you bear hugs, making you cry 😂 sending love to you 💙

  • Zoe Rittenhour
    Zoe Rittenhour

    This song is so beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss💕

  • anezia

    For some reason <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> reminds me of P!nk’s song “Who Knew”. I listened to the song just now to see if it sounded similar and realized the lyrics apply to you and all your friends’ hardship dealing with this situation. From the song: “That last kiss, I'll cherish, until we meet again And time makes it harder, I wish I could remember But I keep your memory, you visit me in my sleep My darling, who knew? My darling, my darling, who knew? My darling, I miss you My darling, who knew? Who knew?”

  • Ashley Nicole
    Ashley Nicole

    I know nothing I can say will make it better but I’m so sorry for everyone’s loss. I’ve felt so sad since I found out and today is my birthday...I’m 26 and I feel like crap because Corey will never turn 26 and that makes me so incredibly sad. My heart and prayers are with all of you and I know he loves your song, he loved you so much. He loved all of you so much and what a gift that is. It’s just a temporary goodbye, you will see him again and it will be the best reunion ever. Until then he’s watching over you and all of his friends 💕

  • Stephanie G
    Stephanie G

    I’m so sorry Franny, what a beautiful song 💙

  • Aye Itsmelinaa
    Aye Itsmelinaa

    I’m sorry franny🥺 !

  • Erin Patterson
    Erin Patterson

    Corey's shouting right now up in heaven "That's my best friend!"

    • D Smile
      D Smile

      And "Love you Franny"

  • Ariana Dominguez
    Ariana Dominguez

    Ngl thought this was alexis ren for a sec

    • monika laosi
      monika laosi


  • Kennedy Youngblood
    Kennedy Youngblood

    ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️

    • monika laosi
      monika laosi


  • T K
    T K

    my heart is broken, we love you Corey, i’m missing you like i’m knew u, i’m gonna miss drunk Corey, funny Corey, annoying Corey....damn. 💔 i’ll first watch Kian’s video, then Jc, then Craf, then Nezza now yours and i’m fucking crying to all of them, i have feeling like i know all of you, i am watching you for so long, Corey was there all the time, you are so natural on videos all of you, so i have feeling like i’m know every single one, it’s a crazy feel, but it’s like that. I love all of you, Corey rest in peace, we love u. Greeting from Serbia🇷🇸

  • •

    this is so beautiful. i know he loves it, he loved everything u did. corey was ur biggest fan. sending u and ur friends love and healing💙

  • Nicolette Rose
    Nicolette Rose

    I ugly cried 😭😭 so sad

  • Shauna Waters
    Shauna Waters

    So heartbreaking 🙏🏻💔

  • Naimah Begum
    Naimah Begum

    This song should be sang again by all the people who loved him

  • Tamara Ramirez Chavez (Student)
    Tamara Ramirez Chavez (Student)

    Can someone pleaseee Explain who Corey is barley heard about his death today

  • sailaja Lakshmi kommaraju
    sailaja Lakshmi kommaraju

    I watched Nezza’s video before this and I am crying again😭😭 We will love you Corey for ever

  • Challenger Sibs
    Challenger Sibs

    Your voice is so beautiful. You’re very talented at writing songs, singing them even when it’s tough, I’m playing guitar. You’re an amazing person, Franny. And don’t forget that.

  • Charlie Nash
    Charlie Nash

    Why are you whipping away at nonexistent tears. Literally not one year fell

    • Alayna Parvaiz
      Alayna Parvaiz

      just shut up her best friend just died and that's what you have to say? go learn to spell in ur free time instead of commenting

  • Rebecca h
    Rebecca h

    This song brought me to tears. you're so talented franny! All so real, raw, but meaningful. You are so strong and loved.

  • Gemma Leanne Henderson
    Gemma Leanne Henderson

    It’s a great song for a great person.

  • Rasika Raveendran
    Rasika Raveendran

    You are so strong and amazing Franny. This song is beautiful💙. Thank you🙏

  • Dolan Twins Love
    Dolan Twins Love

    This should go viral its absolutely beautiful sorry for everyones loss💙

  • Aliea Andrade
    Aliea Andrade


  • Jude Crane
    Jude Crane


  • Xalia Teron
    Xalia Teron

    Wow 2020 has already had an awful start 😕❤️ I love you so much franny and I love your song❤️❤️❤️ watching this I started crying 😭

  • Jaelyn Rose
    Jaelyn Rose

    Corey passed away on my dads 10 year death anniversary. My heart will forever be heavy on that date. I loved watching Corey. It breaks me even more knowing I will never get to meet his awesome self when I finally get to visit LA. God bless you so much Corey ❤️

  • Raylinn Crow
    Raylinn Crow

    RIP Corey La Barrie :( we will always have you in our hearts and no matter what you will be okay. we wish it didn't go this way but the year,2020 was just the worst. see you in the other world Corey. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • Aubee MacBookPro
    Aubee MacBookPro

    this is beautiful franny. im praying for you and sending you love.

  • Chloe Supplee
    Chloe Supplee

    Dear Franny, I know that this is hard but as long as you’re taking steps forward everything will be ok :) I lost both of my Aunts this year and it’s been extremely hard but all you can do is keep remembering the good times you had with Corey. He’s right there with you every step of the way :) Don’t give up and keep smiling! Love you xoxo

  • Yarismar Sarmiento
    Yarismar Sarmiento


  • Wolfpack family
    Wolfpack family

    My aunt died almost 5 years ago and I always think about her and cry she was the only one who had time for me at the time and my mom is pregnant so she’s not gonna have much time for me and trust me I know how it feels to lose someone especially someone you love my great grandmother,my uncle and my grandpa died before I was even born and I hope everyday that they will come back but they don’t and a bunch of people think nothing of losing someone because they’ve never lost anyone before but for all the people who thinks that losing someone is funny it’s gonna happen to you one day

  • Coconutchee

    who was he? And im so sorry too

  • Milly Potts
    Milly Potts

    I still can't get over the fact he is gone. You will never be forgotten Corey, you inspired so many people and brought smiles onto their faces with your amazing videos. Fly high angel, all your friends will see you again soon xx

  • Julissa Hernández
    Julissa Hernández

    He was the sweetest person I'm in so much tears. We love him💗❤️🕊️

  • Ee Zantua
    Ee Zantua

    Love you franny! You got this! ❤️

  • Josie Sanderson
    Josie Sanderson

    i hate 2020 so much :(

  • Mary Kyork
    Mary Kyork

    this song is so good RIP Corey La Barie

  • Teleah Sok
    Teleah Sok

    Wait I don’t understand did Cory La Barrie pass away If so I’m sorry to everyone who knew him and was a fan. ( Clearly I have no clue who Cory is ) Sorry 😐 Man this hurts 2020: the year everything goes wrong 😐

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko

      Such a soft voice! Your doing him proud he would be so hyped to know someone wrote a song about him! Forever appreciated! 💜

  • Marlene Gomez
    Marlene Gomez

    This is so beautiful Franny❤️ Rest in paradise Corey❤️

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko

      You literally made me cry Corey will alway be with you ❤️

  • Makenzie Hackett
    Makenzie Hackett

    I hate that people so talented have to go so soon😭

  • Bella Haacke
    Bella Haacke

    Wait- I haven’t been here in a while- who is Corey? Also I’m so sorry

  • LexDet

    I’m too sad :,(

  • Celeste Delacruz
    Celeste Delacruz

    mannnn my heart hurts for y’all :/

  • yadira grimaldi .
    yadira grimaldi .

    I listen to this everyday 🥺💙.

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