EXCLUSIVE: Kayleigh McEnany's Emotional Tribute To Ravi Zacharias
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EXCLUSIVE: Kayleigh McEnany's Emotional Tribute To Ravi Zacharias

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  • Julie May
    Julie May

    God bless you mighty woman of God! You are a very humble servant to our Lord Jesus.

  • al gow
    al gow

    Remember Jesus wept for Lazarus.

  • R. Muniz
    R. Muniz

    Clueless. Unconditional sellout to true faith. Quit your day job!

  • Terra Sancta
    Terra Sancta

    I love this lady. God bless her, and RIP Ravi. As I am catholic we might have disagreed about some things but on the main things he was a great man and I loved listening to him

  • Fall Out
    Fall Out

    Fake Blonde.

  • rkstudios450

    Thanks to my wife, I accepted Jesus as my savior just few years ago. She sent me Ms. McEnany's tribute to Ravi, who I had never heard of before, but her belief in her faith and admiration of Ravi has reinforced my decision t learn more about the message of Christ. Thank you for posting.

  • Papa adams
    Papa adams

    God bless this lady she is so wonderful 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • ladyjillian12


  • Patricia Garrett
    Patricia Garrett

    I just loved listening to him speak and will miss seeing him on UTube. I'm sure he's with Jesus now and having a great conversation with him.

  • Kainza Blessing
    Kainza Blessing

    I thank God for the life of Ravi Zechariah🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏me as a born again Christian i will always thank God for your work

  • Kainza Blessing
    Kainza Blessing

    May his soul rest in peace,His work has taught and still impacting us as Christianity,thank you Lord for bringing to us such grt soul.

  • Jah Armstrong
    Jah Armstrong

    Ravi Zacharias is a greatest apologist and Billy Graham is a greatest evangelist. Umnn !!

  • ㅤㅤ

    I've met and worked with a lot of intelligent people in my career, and this woman makes all of them seem extremely average. What an amazing human being.

  • Kenny Thompson
    Kenny Thompson

    How can people be Christian and pro trump when trump says he doesn’t have to ask for forgiveness or repent.

  • Christine Ristau
    Christine Ristau

    Kyleigh you also are leaving a legacy while living - so many will believe or at least question as you help to disclose the truth in such a poised manner - God bless you always

  • Christine Ristau
    Christine Ristau

    You are beautiful Kayleigh, as a Christian woman listening to you I am impressed and grateful

  • John Z
    John Z

    I can tell she's saved when she defended Trump's scandulous and despicable innuendo that Joe Scarborough committed murder. At some point you have to wonder why people believe God somehow moves through this President and administration. But I do believe the sincerity of her faith is a separate issue from my perception of her defense of Trump and her tribute to the Christian man for whom she had so high regard as a Christian teacher.

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    We were humans the last I checked...

  • Dudley Graham
    Dudley Graham

    Thank you so very much for your moving testimony and revelation of what Ravi had meant to those who serve the Lord. I admire your strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ from a young age. Keep up the excellent work you doing as Presidential Secretary. The World takes note of your boldness and that comes from your long commitment in Christ.

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    I followed his teachings for 30 years, had the privilege of meeting him a few times...with all that intellect and education, I saw a very humble man.

  • Maida Pizzo
    Maida Pizzo

    God Bless you. I never met Ravi either but was deeply profoundly affected by his teaching and equally saddened by his passing. We will all be together one day in Gods kingdom.

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      We pray for her.God give her strength and wisdom to deal with the evilleft

  • H TAV
    H TAV

    She is such a wonderful woman

  • Midnight Fury
    Midnight Fury

    RIP Ravi taken too soon.

  • Felix Lafleurie
    Felix Lafleurie

    American Nightmare... You are so ridiculous... Special you the GOP... Don't forget "Accountabilities" a word for you and the fake Christians ( Evangelist )

  • Neil Johnson
    Neil Johnson

    Wait what? She's crying on the demise of a dead Indian guy?? Now I'm really confused about team Trump...

  • Habert Muwulya
    Habert Muwulya

    Iam happy to see this again. When a white house with people of faith in Christ. We are praying for u to remain strong and Jesus to help u to put USA on its real roots. Christ is the centre. Never remove him.

  • Chris Cuaves
    Chris Cuaves

    RIP Sir Blessed all of us are children of G-D in spritually.

  • Iro Clear
    Iro Clear

    What has she got to do with Jesus, Ravi or the truth? The healthcare system is too expensive, so is college education, nor would anyone in her team respect the talents in top universities, she just keep talking nonsense. Jesus in this?

  • Oscar 3
    Oscar 3

    Ravi Zachariah said in one of his books, the western world is falling because they rely more in feelings than in reasoning.

  • Rifter6

    CBN News - you got a new subscriber. This is real journalism. Ask fair questions. Listen. Respect.

  • Rifter6

    You're an angel Kayleigh. I interview so many people for advanced positions. I can see the interview process and Trump interviewing you. What a pleasure it is when we find people like you. God Bless.

  • Rob Mangeri
    Rob Mangeri

    My prayers go out on her behalf that the Lord magnifies Himself through her while she addresses the world. We will miss Ravi, but not for long!

  • Tom Cumby 111
    Tom Cumby 111

    Awsome lady and a true warrior for god.

  • Brian Hurford
    Brian Hurford

    Kayleigh, I am so thankful that the Lord put you where you are now. I believe this with all my heart. Not to take away from remembering Ravi, but I just know that you and our President are where you are for His purposes. Thank you for going where He sent you.

  • m l
    m l

    How can she be inspired by Ravi and support trump?

  • Deve Toganivalu
    Deve Toganivalu

    A great man with wealth of knowledge will be greatly missed. Rest in Love Ravi.

  • floydglenn

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> - yeah,... so... KM. I have IMMENSE respect for you, and-well yeah-that, but I respectfully disagree. And though I Do love RZ, and agree with you about his deft importance in the C community - and at Oxford certainly... i Do disagree with you - It is Entirely possible to PROVE God in the mind - but it Must come from a Synthesis of ALL parts of a Mature person able to weigh, compare, and draw Logical conclusions... and to See the Logic and value... in Reasonableness. It's not easy to explain - but... it's really about adult maturity - true Spiritual maturity; which is founded as WHOLLY logical - Plus maturity of the heart. Again, it's really a Synthesis of Both - heart and mind in concert. Loved your heart-felt response K. How incredibly mature of you - to have what So many of us have lost, or forgotten how to do - or we've convinced ourselves that it's "all bad" to feel emotion. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a> - ... ... ... yeah, I'd Go with Chuck Misler... but that's simply my preference - I also love-and-respect RZ. (perhaps both - RZ was Brilliant for Sure). And.. it isn't..What a person knows... it's..How They experience what they know. Jesus said - Knowledge puffs up, but Love BUILDS up. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> - no doubt.

  • Pearl Lemdal
    Pearl Lemdal

    We pray for her.God give her strength and wisdom to deal with the evilleft

  • J Upham
    J Upham

    The prophet Kim Clement talked of a woman to heal the USA in the time of Trump with amazing eyes. This tough/wonderful Irish woman might be the one.

  • J Smith
    J Smith

    ummm...do y’all know he was a fraudster???? just wonderin’...

  • Brendon Lavigne
    Brendon Lavigne

    I had no idea he died! He taught me so much by his website. Wise man. Well, I'm happy for him. In his grave there is peace.

  • Full Tilt Boogie
    Full Tilt Boogie

    I loved Ravi he was insanely intelligent. Hes now with Yeshua our Lord n our savior our King!!!!

  • Wilbur Burnside
    Wilbur Burnside

    Truly a great man . He will be missed but always remembered . Thank you Kayleigh , go with God .

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I've said it before and I'lll say it again, I like this lady.

  • Mark Wong
    Mark Wong

    She is not a true Christian following Trump's reckless administration...lying for Trump and defending his careless behaviors...a true follower of Christ would see through Trump's evilness...deceit, debauchery, and unfit for role of POTUS!!!

  • tropheus guy
    tropheus guy

    I loved listening to Ravi. He brought me closer to Jesus.

  • The Truth Sayer
    The Truth Sayer

    Thank God Donald Trump has such an angel working in the White House! God is watching all things both past present and future!

  • Miss Winnie
    Miss Winnie

    What a beautiful human being.

  • Lillie Castro
    Lillie Castro

    If we can all see that God's purpose for all of us is to walk the path HE has set before us then we all will make a difference whether or not we are known to the world. God knows.... and let us all be like the great men and women who speak of Christ or spoke of Christ. God bless all who take the Bible in one hand and keep walking after Jesus no matter what. May the Christians in the white house House encouraged to keep fighting the good fight. God bless Ravi's family and all those brothers and sisters. God bless you

  • Griffith Harland
    Griffith Harland


  • Lillian Lin
    Lillian Lin

    Kayleigh is God's arrow in His quiver. This verses is for her: Isaiah <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2942">49:2</a> Verse Concepts He has made My mouth like a sharp sword, In the shadow of His hand He has concealed Me; And He has also made Me a select arrow, He has hidden Me in His quiver.

  • Jane D
    Jane D

    Ravi was/is one of the best! Changed my life. Bless you Kayleigh.

  • Chrisamos412

    And that is our hope!

  • Sandra Rice
    Sandra Rice

    Very well said. Ravi Zacharias did change lives. He was a humble man. Brilliant intellect. We as Christian's are you blessed to have his teachings. May he be comforted in Jesus loving arms.🙏❤

  • Lou Parry
    Lou Parry

    Ravi Zacharias Was a wonderful Stewart of Christ!

  • Susan Fevella
    Susan Fevella

    Thank you Pastor Max. I've been to Charles Lindbergh's grave and what you said about him just gave a little better ending to his story.

  • David Maye
    David Maye

    Glad to know President Trump is surrounded by Godly people like her and Vice President Pence.

  • MrZeke

    Awesome testimony!

  • sammyvh11

    Great guy he did his job and was called home. Im sure he is enjoying it with the Lord.

  • James Glenn
    James Glenn

    Kudos to Kayleigh for witnessing her faith in Christ Jesus! Now we why she’s being attacked by the media! We definitely could use more people like her in the media. I hadn’t been exposed to Ravi before his passing but I’m beginning to see beyond a shadow of doubt that he was a wonderful blessing to mankind and may his light continue to shine long after his life’s journey has ended! May God Bless is All!

  • louis robert
    louis robert

    She is the new Wonder Woman.

  • Jonnan Johnson
    Jonnan Johnson

    She is hardworking woman for President Trump. Appreciate your love for Ravi the preacher. Sorry i hardly listen to him, i dont know him until lately and dont listen to him now either. and i am indian Christian too.

  • djdigital523

    what is the definition of hypocrite. this might answer your question hypocrite is usually defined as a person who pretends to have virtues moral or religious beliefs principles etc that he or she does not actually possess especially a person whose actions belive stated beliefs.

  • Mark Crim
    Mark Crim

    Very well said, Kayleigh.

  • RhondaTide Girl
    RhondaTide Girl

    Cv gu

  • Eunice Esi
    Eunice Esi

    When in Christ, death (sleep) is a promotion worth celebrating for a life well lived in servitude for God. When outside of Christ, death is a vain loss.

  • Shalom Tesfaye
    Shalom Tesfaye

    Ugh this woman🧡

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    She's really a sweet lady. I love her inner strength and honesty.

  • Lala Lyons
    Lala Lyons

    She is sweet 👼👼👼

  • Swami Paramatma
    Swami Paramatma

    It many ways, it is wonderful that one has a love for their religion. However, any religion and/or speakers for that religion that claim they have the only way and other religions (like Hinduism) are wrong (at best) are doing no one any favor. Ravi was simply another who promoted the exclusive cult of Christianity.

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      I am still crying inside me about Ravi. I learned so much from him. Humble human being, he was so funny as well. She never met him and she was crying, just like us. RIP R

  • BlazingLove3:16

    Amen and Amen. Ravi is now in the kingdom and presence of the GREAT I AM!! Hallelujah!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER!!

  • Data communications
    Data communications

    This formidable woman is now one of my new heros.


    I am so sorry,you are so cute ,beutiful ,educated, girl, I wish to be so smart intelligent and elegant and educated ,like you are,,

  • Closer to truth
    Closer to truth

    Ravi’s message “The Lostness of Man” saved me in 1988 and I have supported his ministry in gratefulness ever since. He will be greatly missed. What a wonderful life he lead.

  • George Cherian
    George Cherian

    She has no brain that is why education did not change her. The purpose of your life is to spread fake news for your master as an obedient servant. Find a better way to make money. You are a shame to all Americans.

  • Elaine Simons.
    Elaine Simons.

    Loved this interview! God keep her,,and bless her, and CBN for doing interview!

  • paul carter
    paul carter

    They will know we are Christians by our LOVE

  • Jojo18 Eighteen
    Jojo18 Eighteen

    It is a place of the heart. Difficult to measure and articulate

  • Regina Santos
    Regina Santos

    All fake in my eyes...she believes that her President is doing the right thing for his people..the president has not got a cristian bone in his body....And anyone who stands & supports the President; is not a cristian.....we 100,000 Thomson people dead; the President marks their deaths by playing golf....That she really thinks this is Christianity.... Give me a break; can't stand crocodiles tears.....all fakes but God is big, he will not forgive.....

  • Sunny D
    Sunny D

    Kayleigh is such a good person. I'm glad she is apart of our team.