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  • JeewanLixeren

    Protect this guy at all cost

  • Cruel_Skies

    this makes me feel better

  • Stephen Chumbley
    Stephen Chumbley

    Hey man just coming to say I'm glad you're getting justice my dude! Checking out your content.

  • Kaleb Chidester
    Kaleb Chidester

    Wholesome 100

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  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    I hope you can play your games with your fans in peace and don't have to deal with haters anymore. Stay safe grandpa

  • Nicktasteless

    i got a kfc ad from this video, and he looks like the guy from kfc 😂😂😂 But damn keep slaying man, we are here for you!

  • GaySpacePebble •
    GaySpacePebble •

    Man I remember when I first discovered your channel. Hope you’re doing well!!

  • Paul Flynn
    Paul Flynn


  • Carson Thweatt
    Carson Thweatt

    Everyone who dislikes this is a keemdemon

  • Rest easy Gus
    Rest easy Gus

    Keemstar is an idiot...

  • vicstrash

    I’m so happy for him

  • Ellie Carreon
    Ellie Carreon

    Happy that your life is going good! You seem like a very nice guy! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Matis Fledžinskas
    Matis Fledžinskas

    keem snorts g fuel and shits on this man

  • LogBom10

    Peado snake

  • Sean Butters
    Sean Butters

    Sorry you had to deal with he who shall not be named, hes a cancer on the youtube community, bless you and your family

  • ekatarina milanovski
    ekatarina milanovski

    This man deserves the absolute best.

  • Toogaytolift

    That thank you thank you was so wholesome

  • Not Atroll
    Not Atroll

    And H3H3 is exposed on what they've done.

  • RayRay Duncan
    RayRay Duncan

    Total fuckin chad

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  • Ryan Conners
    Ryan Conners

    NGL kinda looks like Santa, if he were real.

  • Azure Zero
    Azure Zero

    isnt this the dude that robbed the bank at draynor village?

  • Oden Theif
    Oden Theif

    Your an awesome person keep doin what you do. Jesus loves ya

  • Stellar Lad
    Stellar Lad

    Take care, Tony

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    pc user

    This is the wholesome content I like to see at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> am

  • Brian Romero
    Brian Romero

    You're amazing keemstar should do a leafy and leave UZsoft

  • Alex Tjoland
    Alex Tjoland

    Could we have an H3 H3 and Glory and Gold runescape play along

  • Angelo Mallmann
    Angelo Mallmann


  • SpruceMoose

    What is this an onion cutting factory?

  • Sipz_x_Super

    damn this dude strong af against keem kepp doing wut ur doing man :)

  • Sophie Rap
    Sophie Rap

    I love you Tony! You’re the best hahah remind me of my self but if I was an old man :)

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    The like ratio on this video literally proves that Keemstar’s videos on H3 are like botted lmaoo

  • John Prado
    John Prado

    Much love from a gamer!!! Keep gaming

  • Anonymous

    All these bunch of crackheads gnome fans y'all leave this man alone

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      Look how incredible and POSITIVE Ethan’s impact was. Keem, take notes.

  • Leah Chan
    Leah Chan

    People like Tony are those who should be famous and everyone talking about. Keep on keepin on’ man!

  • Heinrich Hendrikus Swanepoel
    Heinrich Hendrikus Swanepoel

    You are a king!

  • FBI

    Man you are a legend I mean bro you just a really cool dude good luck on your future endevores

  • Captainpigeon05

    Stop smoking my dude

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith

    Glad you feel good Tony :)

  • Ivett Solly
    Ivett Solly

    All the love in the world to you sir. You seem like a wonderful guy.

  • AZKiller3000

    This man belongs to the boys

  • AZKiller3000

    This man is a literal god among men like who would dare to hurt this man this man now belongs to the boys keep up the hard work and hook me up with a crown g

  • Bjarne De Bal
    Bjarne De Bal

    You're great

  • Teh Chxz
    Teh Chxz

    Amazing person. Youre amazing.

  • TheBrad1300

    You sir are a fucking legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous cyclops 234
    anonymous cyclops 234

    Tony! You are such a wholesome man and you should know that! Don’t let anything bad ever get to you EVER!

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    Steve Rivera


  • RealmRabbit

    Watched the Asmongold highlight video showing Asmongold watching this video and thought I'd show up to give it a like. It had like 36K likes then, now it has 196K likes. That's wonderful, you seem like a very respectable person.

  • Chase Cozzens
    Chase Cozzens

    Definitely deserves more than keemstar does

  • Hallie Terrazas
    Hallie Terrazas

    Look how incredible and POSITIVE Ethan’s impact was. Keem, take notes.

  • Swamp Pooper
    Swamp Pooper

    You are great and we love you,keep it up Tony!

  • Emma

    We love you tony!!

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    Aaron Friend


  • Will Boss
    Will Boss

    Dude this guy is the best like he says that Ethan’s the best but this guy is amazing

  • Jobama Joestar
    Jobama Joestar

    How does this video have any dislikes?

  • A Slave to the Booty
    A Slave to the Booty

    We love you wholesome grandpa!!!

  • Mr Undertaker
    Mr Undertaker

    www.bitchute.com/video/cxle0DbBglP2/ The time will come when Ethan will take back all he has done for you with interest.

  • Cdaddy

    You are a G!

  • Owen Michtofen
    Owen Michtofen

    Many blessings ! You’re a legitimately wholesome content creator. I’m glad retribution has come.

  • Pouchy17

    Humbleness at it's finest, and yes, Ethan is quite wonderful This warms my tar black soul

  • FC productions
    FC productions

    H3h3 is not ur friend he is trying to use u

  • Hipster Skull
    Hipster Skull

    Don't worry man we're getting Keem shut down

  • Lucas Cortes
    Lucas Cortes

    You earned this h3h3 showed us what a great person you are you should’ve never gotten those false education

  • ThatArtistYui

    Hey Tony, I am happy that things are going better for you now. I just subscribed to you and I'll surely enjoy the content you will continue making. Please know that we are here for you and whenever you feel down, please do remember that there are people who love you and care for you. I am glad to finally be a part of this fan base and again, thank you for believing in yourself and please always remember we will always believe in you unlike that scumbag keem. 💜

  • Sebastian Watson
    Sebastian Watson

    some people are too good for this world, you sir are one of them 🌍🙏❤️

  • Matt Gaming
    Matt Gaming

    G fuel needs too leave keemstar and sponsor this guy instead

  • Knight Cape
    Knight Cape

    What did keem do???

    • retarded aunt
      retarded aunt

      Keemstar saw a pedophiles picture online and thought that him and the streamer looked similar so he assumed it was him and sent his army to attack this man who is actually innocent and is not actually a pedophile. Ever since keem did that this old man has been receiving death threats and basically making his life hell every day since keem did that video. Ethan basically reversed that

  • xSnDx UncannyXanny
    xSnDx UncannyXanny

    You, my friend, are a fucking king! You deserve every bit of love you receive you wonderful man, ignore the army of hate against you because there is a much stronger positive force coming your way

  • /////////

    Youre such a wholesome and nice person. Youre not supposed to lean a year to a mouths of a person who made his entire career on fake news. Keep it up and do what you love.

  • Scarlett Coates
    Scarlett Coates


  • GhostYT - CODM
    GhostYT - CODM


  • أكيليس - Achilles
    أكيليس - Achilles

    Hope you’re Okay ❤️❤️

  • Niki Nuku
    Niki Nuku

    Such a sweet man! ❤

  • Maydray

    Keemstar is so evil

  • Bella Jenkins
    Bella Jenkins

    Lots of love

  • Bella Jenkins
    Bella Jenkins

    You’re a sweetheart I’m so sorry this is happening to you !!!

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    Austen Alexander


    • Austen Alexander
      Austen Alexander

      Tony I mean. Absolute angel

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    Julian Duran

    Papa Bless

  • Kimberly Gomez
    Kimberly Gomez

    "funnier than heck"😭😭🥺