How to fix most running toilets.
Dad, how do I?
This is how you fix most toilets that won't stop running.
It is more than likely that the flapper isn't sealing properly. It gets a little more complicated (and the video would be a lot longer) if it is the float valve, so you should start by swapping out the flapper.
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  • Macy Zimmerman
    Macy Zimmerman

    My dad just moved 7 hours away from my family for his new job and our toilets been broken for a couple weeks now. He can’t show me how to fix it but luckily I found this video that describes everything perfectly! Thank you for your videos and for being the helpful dad we all need!

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    You have to do a video of how to play a vinyl record. Some are frightened about this long ago task (LOL)

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    Our toilet runs a lot and it’s just the chain get stuck so I have to move it,but I’m the only one who does. My sons dads like it’s just a rental property & we don’t pay the water bill so I don’t care. 😒😣😞

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    Author Ann Lindholm

    Thank you dad! We had the very same problem and a broken handle. I replaced the handle, flapper and pump thing successfully! God bless you!

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    Could you do a how do you measure for a curved shower curtain rod and how to install it please

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    I had this issue cost me $150 in water bills. I didn't even know it was a problem until my dad visited and fixed it 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    A dad has a high calling, having the great responsibility to pass the baton on to the next generation. My dad always said a man should be a Prince, have high morals, high ideals and be a thinker! I thank God for my prince of a dad, he set the bar high, and I rejoiced in trying to attain the high prize! He taught me, but I just watched his every move, and that was how I learned to be a handy ‘wo’man in my own home. Let your girls and boys learn to use hammers and screwdrivers, sewing machines and stoves also! God bless.

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    what you’re doing here is ADORABLE and very important.we’re all proud and thankful for you!!

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    These videos are awesome!! Thank you! Can you make a video about that white tube thing that’s in the toilet? Mine seems to have popped out of place and now when the toilet is flushed, and water starts to fill back up, water sprays out and down the side of the toilet. I’m wondering if I need to replace it 🤔

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