Lit Yoshi Feat. Fredo Bang - Again (Official Music Video)
Fredo Bang
Lit Yoshi Feat. Fredo Bang - Again (Official Music Video)
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Directed by: ShotByJolo
2020 Bang Biz Ent. LLC

  • Clee Torres
    Clee Torres

    He went hard as a mafk

  • Matthew Garcia
    Matthew Garcia

    In the name of G

  • Desi and Alesyia Harris
    Desi and Alesyia Harris

    Yoshi > meechie

  • Mar'quis Martin
    Mar'quis Martin

    This shit make me wanna catch a body😈🔪🔫

  • hardwork paysoff
    hardwork paysoff

    He wit the opps, I put that shit right thru my cousin 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 talk ya shit BANGMAN🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lawzo Killz
    Lawzo Killz

    @:50 LL Gee

  • Que Hills
    Que Hills


  • Ymc Altillarytwan
    Ymc Altillarytwan

    Da bangman is da Baton Rouge lil durk

  • Ymc Altillarytwan
    Ymc Altillarytwan

    Rip fin

  • Johnny Green
    Johnny Green

    If Gee And Quick was here they would Be the Faces of TBG shit imagine if Marley G was still here that's real Pressure 🔥

  • Fzone 12
    Fzone 12

    I usually don't listen to rap anymore, but this banger hit different. It's just so clean and has a good vibe going on. Much love! 🙏🏽❤️

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    BLVD quick said TBG a problem in he was right

  • Gwak Gwak
    Gwak Gwak

    Yoshi like yeaaaa them doors bout to open up

  • Lazarric Bennett
    Lazarric Bennett

    So y’all gone act like he didn’t Diss Boosie

  • Montrell DB
    Montrell DB

    “ He with the opps, I put that bitch right thru my cousin face” he talking about boosie??😳

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      you gone rin into a opp but if u let it die down sometimes that shyt will be over. It comes a time in a man's life that he has to grow up and watch u gone luv yo enemies bkuz

  • JBTHAGOAT lpbz
    JBTHAGOAT lpbz

    like if yoshi went HARD IN THIS SONG

  • Desert Gardening
    Desert Gardening

    Fredo not holding nothing back he already said he don’t care if that his fam you with the ops lay with the ops

  • Gavino Corona
    Gavino Corona

    Fredo bang said " I had a bag on me since 15 ,what yall pussy waiting for" he's talking about youngboy cuz 2015 that when youngboy left TBG and created NBA and tgan he start beefing with gee money and hangman and the TBG gang

    • A D
      A D

      You're 100% wrong, but nice try lol

  • filthymoney teezee b
    filthymoney teezee b

    Lit Yoshi seven7 bangman go hard

  • Rashaud Turner
    Rashaud Turner

    Ain't Fredo Boosie cousin though🤔 shit WICKED all around the World ryt now

  • Ahmad Dlamini
    Ahmad Dlamini

    That fredo we know is back

  • King Cation
    King Cation

    Flight Reacts?

  • ⲘƦ. Ⓜ️
    ⲘƦ. Ⓜ️

    Bro why Yoshi out here looking like a lit Will Smith 😂

  • Holly Wood
    Holly Wood

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 enuff said

  • matn avata
    matn avata


  • Freddy 45
    Freddy 45


  • PFam TV
    PFam TV

    They going hard #InTheNameOfGee

  • K/Alizae

    Fredo talking about Lil Boosie when he says that part about if my cousin wit the opps he can get it too. We all know Fredo and Boosie are cousins but Boosie is fucking wit NBA youngboy tuff so Fredo handle yo business cuzz😎

  • Gees Quees
    Gees Quees

    Slowly reaching a mill 😈😈

  • Kingsley Ulasi
    Kingsley Ulasi

    Nahh why Fredo has to eat that shit like that 😭 play his verse over and over you’ll see it

  • Young Easy
    Young Easy

    Fredo I think you should be way bigger than u are. Make more music for the kids and women they love you in Texas. The real ops are cops put a c in front yo ops. Think about how intelligent you are and how yo music influence the hood. The real ops luv when we sit back and talk about killing each other. Its like yall doin the job for the Klan. You smart and the truth is u and yo beef can have a talk about squashing dat shit how many people gotta be hurt b4 yall stop. Yall ain't gotta be cool but you can exist together br small so you gone rin into a opp but if u let it die down sometimes that shyt will be over. It comes a time in a man's life that he has to grow up and watch u gone luv yo enemies bkuz atleast dey let u no dey don't like u but a friend hides his or her envy. That's how people get backdoored. The world dont need to no of u and homie talk but yall can come to a agreement.

    • L Johnson
      L Johnson

      They won't too much blood lost behind the scenes

  • Jule Teaser
    Jule Teaser

    Fredo been dismissive of the bad blood between him and yb, but lit yoyo insta lives show that these crews dont fw each otha


    Fredo rlly is blackballed no way this shouldn’t be at 1 million all because he got beef with one of the most popular rappers.

  • B-Double-E J.T
    B-Double-E J.T

    I keep coming back to listen to this song and watch the video...who else???

    • L Johnson
      L Johnson

      "Pull up in full force (inaudible) lettin this bihhh growl"or whatever the mans said

  • DaRonTooFunny

    Click here if lit yoshi better den nba yb

  • Kari G
    Kari G

    Vendetta vamp

  • TMG Quan
    TMG Quan

  • Glock Productions
    Glock Productions

  • The Real Baltimore TRB
    The Real Baltimore TRB

    Lit yoshi a problem nigga said “I got money on my head but fuck it I see some opps let me out I finna fire some rounds” 🔥 2020 webbie

  • Edward Jones
    Edward Jones

    I like that lit know all Fredo versus, that shows y'all give Af about each other work! Keep going!

  • Chantell Williams
    Chantell Williams

    Yea joker yea🖤

  • Ymc Altillarytwan
    Ymc Altillarytwan

    Imagine lit yoshi ft gee money

    • Ymc Altillarytwan
      Ymc Altillarytwan

      L Johnson ik but they gotta similar flow

    • L Johnson
      L Johnson

      He wouldn't be rapping if gee was still here he said it in Interview

  • Allen Celestine
    Allen Celestine

    Dem Boyz at it AGAIN!!!!!GEE ISH!!!!!

  • TheReal TopThot
    TheReal TopThot

    Stay safe 💯💯💯💯

  • john young
    john young

    Did the bang man say he go flip Boosie his cuzing

  • Sedrick Boswell
    Sedrick Boswell

    Men VZ lil boys

  • The Music Scene
    The Music Scene

    This my lil joint.🔥🔥🔥

  • Thefamous Draco
    Thefamous Draco

    I know what bodies yoshi got he not just rapping what he saying he’s ACTUALLY doing IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Leroy Brown
      Leroy Brown

      They sleep fam they better go read that article from when he got locked up

    • Jerome Baker
      Jerome Baker

      Put the trash in the dumpster you feel

  • poffgang12 23
    poffgang12 23

    Longlivegeemoney Longliveblvdquick

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili

    Yoshi don’t drop music he drop confessions 💀

  • Bobby Jacobs
    Bobby Jacobs


  • Kenneth Bellamy
    Kenneth Bellamy

    In the name of Gee

  • Worldwide Gutta Filmz
    Worldwide Gutta Filmz


    • B-Double-E J.T
      B-Double-E J.T

      More like 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Monique Ward
    Monique Ward

    Now that’s how you send shots ⚰️

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili

      Yoshi dissing YoungBoy

  • Charlie Mills
    Charlie Mills

    @dj ghost u tripping

  • Ramone Alexander
    Ramone Alexander

    Whoeva,didn't like dis song. U kno, it go hard stop hating...


    Yea i knocked the roof off 😭😭🗣️🗣️

    • L Johnson
      L Johnson

      I'm tryna get tha big Dawg

  • splash the tryhard
    splash the tryhard

    We got gee and quick

  • dont worry
    dont worry

    The wheel chair move 😬😷 wtf so disrespectful!

  • prichardboyducy PA
    prichardboyducy PA

    I had to take my mask off in this bitch

  • ted bundy
    ted bundy

    🤔I guess this was a warning to boosie i think he get the message now his nephew just got spanked That fuck u and your Kend part hit a lil different now 😂 oh its ☝🏽n that BR

    • ted bundy
      ted bundy

      @sssssss dog it wasn't Boosie boy bee that's shit dnt work here do ur own research

    • sssssss

      ted bundy cuz u don’t know

    • ted bundy
      ted bundy

      @sssssss 🤫

    • sssssss

      which one

  • Leak Obama
    Leak Obama

    Where the tape at yoshi 🤔

  • @jksmithfbc


  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko

    YOSHI IS TRENDING 🔥🔥 Way better than bossie boy bee Yoshi the real head youngin

  • Jmactrill Trill
    Jmactrill Trill

    I dont believe yoshi on that or he done lost awareness a lil

  • Mila Rose
    Mila Rose

    Nice Song 😊, by the way my new cover song is on my channel 😁check it out M.🌹

  • HASIBUL 005
    HASIBUL 005

    He was talking bold with bros but he not now 🐍 💥🔫 Soon these two will be on news... SLIME 💯

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko

      “thought it was us but it was his potna who cut his fucking throats” he talking bout yb & dump

  • GT Fades
    GT Fades

    Yoshi dissing YoungBoy

  • Goat Tingz
    Goat Tingz

    Is this step on shxt instrument

  • Glennise Lightbourne
    Glennise Lightbourne

    Boosie respond to this song lol on ig live. Said a rapper going to die this year and he don't rap beef

    • kill Bill
      kill Bill

      Which live ?

  • Kelley Rodney
    Kelley Rodney

    That part!!! WHAT PART ,Tha whole Bih,Stay up

  • Dougle Boone
    Dougle Boone

    Choppa bullets in the wind 🔯🔯🔯

  • Carl Gray
    Carl Gray

    Dat bihh hitting

  • Ivan Dabney
    Ivan Dabney

    Had a bag on me since 15 what the fuk you waiting 4 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • so fly
    so fly

    Best combo for real no cap

  • AimHackz 101
    AimHackz 101

    Kyrie Irving rapping now y’all 😭😭😂

  • eric coggins
    eric coggins

    ""I ain't got no heart he wit the opp I put this bullet right through my cousin face"" Damn Fredo

  • Jacopo Morini
    Jacopo Morini


  • monika laosi
    monika laosi

    Yoshi don’t drop music he drop confessions 💀


    Put it on platforms yoyo need them streams