Michigan dam failure caught on video
Footage captured of the Edenville Dam embankment failing to hold back floodwaters on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 in Edenville, Michigan. Video Courtesy Lynn Coleman
WATCH: Scene of damage after dam failure - uzsoft.info/hd/video/hXhoxWidqqufrdU
STORY: Feds warned years ago Edenville Dam couldn’t handle a historic flood - www.mlive.com/news/saginaw-bay-city/2020/05/troubled-dam-breaks-sends-floodwaters-hurtling-toward-midland.html

  • David Imhoff
    David Imhoff

    There it goes

  • Eddard Stark
    Eddard Stark

    Watched this while listening to When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin. Am I a bad person?

  • Guillermo Horruitiner
    Guillermo Horruitiner

    That mud is called a Dam !!! its only earth, no concrete, no defenses. !!!

  • Nicholas Foster
    Nicholas Foster

    I broke the dam

  • S Elizabeth
    S Elizabeth

    Just when you thought reality TV had faded out, along comes 2020 with it's 5,000 episodes of a new show called "Apocalypse".

  • gregory9740

    I mean there is a thing called concrete. Also I would be pissed if I was the one who just mowed the grass..that shit looked good.

  • CAt From Outer Space
    CAt From Outer Space

    the Great Tartarian /Mud Flood

  • superrf85

    Woop there it goes

  • Mark D
    Mark D

    Release the Kraken! If this was near Detroit they would say, "Release the crack head".

  • Sanjay Goyal
    Sanjay Goyal

    Ya !! We saw it went

  • Steve Finch
    Steve Finch

    Sounds like Michigan ughhh

  • Toby Neale
    Toby Neale

    Panta fan

  • james bruno
    james bruno

    This is clearly not a goddam

  • Bruce Schram
    Bruce Schram

    Whitmer should have focused on her infrastructure not keeping folks from working. Nature's karma is always present and she'll remind you in case you forget.

  • J C
    J C


  • mixio hili
    mixio hili

    I’m not surprised. It’s made of dirt!

  • B B
    B B

    I’m sure it’s Trumps fault.

  • Uncle Bob
    Uncle Bob


  • Sharon Trotter
    Sharon Trotter

    I bet that who ever backed the idea for that paltry damn doesn't have property anywhere in the area and has a large bank account!! They are all whispering and laughing!!

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili

      Where did it go? Is this what it looks like when a state gets flushed down the 🚽? Like watching your turd swirl around and " there it goes". 👋👋👋👋👋👋 💩

  • justspacegoatfarts

    to be fair i've seen beavers make a better dam

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall

    Maybe....maybe NOW is the time to RUN!

  • Surendra Choudhary
    Surendra Choudhary

    Damn dam

  • James in Venice
    James in Venice

    "It's only water" applies only to quantities of a few gallons.

  • Greg Nulik
    Greg Nulik

    More proof that when people say the really old dam needs to be replaced, you idiot children should shut up and listen.

  • Nick

    Dam it all!

  • Get Real
    Get Real

    Sign of long term neglect of infrastructure. Next are the bridges, rail tracks, etc.... 🤔

  • Kevin Morehouse
    Kevin Morehouse

    All cause it might hurt muscles in the river if they would of open gates sooner

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott

    5,000 trout/salmon with chizels Finally broke free 😜swim 4 it lads swim

  • Kenneth Hunt
    Kenneth Hunt

    There it goes

  • Frankie Clayton
    Frankie Clayton

    Leaders not caring doing their job

  • Frankie Clayton
    Frankie Clayton

    Leader need to fix things that taxpayers payers around each city.

  • thebobandtomshowfan

    Keep voting demorat Michigan. Looks like that's working very well for you. This damn was deemed failed in 2018 and demorat officials could care less. Demorats do not invest in infrastructure but they do invest in pay raises for themselves and free school lunch programs. Yippie.

  • KumaBean

    Something tells me that this video could be a damn good excuse to crack a joke, but I got nothing.

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee

    Where did it go? Is this what it looks like when a state gets flushed down the 🚽? Like watching your turd swirl around and " there it goes". 👋👋👋👋👋👋 💩

  • Herb Cranston
    Herb Cranston

    The real tragedy here is the vertically shot video.

  • God

    Cool video for sure!

  • John Riggenbach
    John Riggenbach

    Yea...if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have known exactly when the Dam broke. Thank heavens he was around to tell everyone!!

  • Adventures With Seth
    Adventures With Seth

    Thang god he let us know it was going...

  • Dean Montague
    Dean Montague

    That wasn't a dam it was a dirt mound. What group of government idiots thought that would hold? Same folks who engineered Flint's water system?

  • Peter A
    Peter A

    Not much of a lake and not that deep.

  • jazz pup
    jazz pup

    The incredible engineering. How could this happen?

  • michael walker
    michael walker

    I love reading people's comments on these UZsoft videos. 3 2 1 There they go!!!!

  • Jhabari Owens
    Jhabari Owens

    Me after taco bell

  • Kas

    Stupid people are like why didnt the cameraman step in and stop it 😂😂😂😂

  • Randy Severino
    Randy Severino

    Nothing like recording a historical event with vertical cell phone video.

  • 1wtrahan

    Damn no more fishing for meeeeeee

  • T5rux Lee
    T5rux Lee

    Well, they did not want the lake lowered a little as a safety measure ..... so their wish was granted.

  • Emilio Guifarro
    Emilio Guifarro

    I would have liked to see a longer footage.

  • Kim Centofanti
    Kim Centofanti

    Shame on all the corrupt people/politicians who are responsible for this. I certainly hope people are held accountable. Godspeed to those who lost anything and everything

  • fxxyrxxy2003

    Dam, mother nature reclaiming its ground

  • Frankie Velasco
    Frankie Velasco

    This that private dam that wanted public funds to fix it? That dam better become public if they use the ppl's money from taxes.

  • W G
    W G

    somewhere out there is a guys who's job was to cut that grass. just try to imagine what he is thinking.

  • Barbara Segraves
    Barbara Segraves

    Look why wood the damn Breach At bottom of Picture . I would think it would start at top Looks like pre determined obsolescence. Or operation error who was in control Corona Concast DemonCrats

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith

    I ain't no beaver..but dam that dam is bunk.. Damn

  • Torgo1969

    An unimpressive dam.

  • iamfun6996

    There it goes!

  • Dell Jr
    Dell Jr

    Cheap, poor engineering, They should have riprap that side of the dam in that sloped area.

  • Ion Petre
    Ion Petre

    There it Goes 😀😀

  • Ferdi Ferd
    Ferdi Ferd

    planting some tree could of help with keeping the soil from eroding and being loose

  • The Trainmobile
    The Trainmobile

    Well what a dam shame.

  • x0thorn0x

    This comment section is delightfully sarcastic. I adore all of you.

  • Steve Bollmeyer
    Steve Bollmeyer

    Dam it!

  • Trucker prepper
    Trucker prepper

    Fond memories of pontoon alley on wixom lake

  • Master and Servant
    Master and Servant

    "There it goes...!" there it goes..! If this dude wouldn't have said it, I just couldn't get realized.

  • Gab

    wow they didn't eve try to stop it

  • atvkid0805

    looks like someone intentionally dug a small trench on top causing it to fail

  • Mid-day_ Light
    Mid-day_ Light

    I hope everyone there watching obeyed the 6 ft separation rule and wore masks..

  • Cold Beer
    Cold Beer

    Trump's fault.

  • Direct Pressure
    Direct Pressure

    There has to be an easier way to get good water to Flint.

  • American Freedom-Fighter
    American Freedom-Fighter

    Where did it goes?

  • Paul Nicholson
    Paul Nicholson

    I want to know what happened afterwards?

  • Jimmy Gripe
    Jimmy Gripe

    It reminds me of a third world country in the middle east.

  • Osrs Legend
    Osrs Legend

    Forbidden chocolate milk

  • Gavin Thomas
    Gavin Thomas

    Instead of filming why didn't you try to stop it?

  • Lansing Does Business
    Lansing Does Business

    If not for the genius narration from the filmer I wouldn't have figured out what was happening 🙄

  • Jamie 253
    Jamie 253

    Should have piled stone and boulders on both sides then it wouldn’t have broken😭

  • X

    The DEMOCRAT RUN STATE just kept kicking the can down the road on doing the expensive infrastructure work that was necessary to keep the dam from becoming susceptible to failure. Well, I wonder how many Democratic voters lost their homes and business's because the people they keep voting into office just literally SOLD THEM DOWN THE RIVER!

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola

      Pro videography tip: Record the story; don't become the story. "THERE IT GOES! THERE IT GOES!" No shit, Sherlock.

  • Scott W
    Scott W

    Makes you wonder the conditions of the other 84,999 dams are in the U.S

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola

      At least they could have planted deep-root trees along the banks. But grass??? Should have hired BEAVERS to construct this dam.

  • kurtis howard
    kurtis howard

    Reminds me of my childhood when we were on the beach and we used to build a sand wall to stop the sea getting to the sand castle in the middle. Seems your engineers did the same and thought mud would be a good idea.👍

  • Chino Man
    Chino Man

    So why isn’t governor Whitmer on this???she is horrible