Remembering Shad Gaspard’s WWE career: WWE Playlist
A collection of the most entertaining moments and best matches of Shad’s career in WWE as a member of Cryme Tyme alongside JTG.
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  • Zydee Edris
    Zydee Edris

    Shaq n cryme tyme shake hands are infinite.. but now shake hands are prohibited.. 🤭🤭

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    🥀🌹He was a true hero prevented a robbery, tried to save his son first 🌹🥀R.I.P he was a true legend and hero

  • TigerShark 524
    TigerShark 524

    "Shaqtus" is one of the funniest lines I've heard in my life. RIP Shad, a shame Cryme Tyme never got the tag titles.


    Bruh ...that lil shake William Regal did before he started dancing had me crying!! Rip Shad

  • Elias Roy
    Elias Roy

    Shad Gaspard was a hero to his son to have a future by saying "Save my Son". R.I.P. Shad (1981-2020). "Money,Money Yeah,Yeah"

  • Nicholas Mase
    Nicholas Mase

    I noticed that Shad and Lance Cade are both gone 😔

  • peter beltre chacon
    peter beltre chacon

    R.I.P Shad Gaspard

  • Adrian Ricardo Palma Lazo
    Adrian Ricardo Palma Lazo

    Ahora Shad desde el cielo nos dira : money money y desde aquí todos debemos responderle con un gran yeah yeah. Rip Shad.

  • Adrian Ricardo Palma Lazo
    Adrian Ricardo Palma Lazo

    Hall of fame para crime time. Rip Shad, se nos fue un gran luchador :(

  • TrappinforTuition

    Seeing Shad and big Vis in the ring man... RIP 2 Goats

  • Landon Glavosek
    Landon Glavosek

    Shad Is A Really Good Wrestler 😔🙏

  • ryan duncan
    ryan duncan

    they missed out the bat man moment which was epic even my grandad laughed so hard at that and he is not really a wrestling fan

  • Dman

    sorry for being unrelated, but viscera looks cool in white clothes now for shad, rest well man, you saved your son and god will likely reward you for such

  • timephire

    R.I.P. Brother.

  • Manuel Jimenez
    Manuel Jimenez

    Bruh that’s killer bee & the 4th raikage

  • Hinotama Fyreheart
    Hinotama Fyreheart

    Great Tag Team, but the way they split up was pathetic.

  • D C
    D C

    No valía verga esta vato

  • Tamerick Ward
    Tamerick Ward

    Rip Shad

  • Mr Chaos
    Mr Chaos

    Damn n he was just bout to make a come bac

  • bbygirleva

    2006 was such a perfect time, i was 6 years old growing up watching these dudes. im 20 now, its so heartbreaking to hear about how shad went out. but he was such an amazing person, his presence always made you smile. RIP Shad✨

    • Anthony House
      Anthony House

      bbygirleva on god

    • bbygirleva

      Anthony House good times 🙏🏼

    • Anthony House
      Anthony House

      bbygirleva facts I was born in 99 I remember this stuff

  • Kim Justine Paderes
    Kim Justine Paderes

    Rest in peace Shad gaspard

  • Juan Zapata
    Juan Zapata

    Cryme time of all times shad u da man🦾

  • Mr. Nighttime
    Mr. Nighttime

    He should be in the 2021 hall of fame for saving the life of his son

  • garrett w
    garrett w

    He should be in the wwe hall of fame

  • Ryan Bowling
    Ryan Bowling

    glad y’all didn’t sweep this man under the rug ,, RIP SHAD 😪 BROOKLYNBROOKLYN

  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres

    WWE should have made an angle where Cryme Tyme stole the titles from whoever had the titles at the title, all types of funny skits with the titles, force the champions to earn back their titles in a ppv, Cryme Tyme win and are official tag champs.. wish they done that or something like that. Cryme Tyme never winning the Tag titles... Now that's a "Cryme" in itself.

  • Henry Murakami Santos Silva
    Henry Murakami Santos Silva

    RIP Shad

  • Cool Hat Luke
    Cool Hat Luke

    Whoever disliked this video should be slapped

  • Cool Hat Luke
    Cool Hat Luke

    No clue how they didn't have a tag title reign.

  • Jay Primo
    Jay Primo

    He need to be in the Hall of Fame ASAP!!!!

  • zaarif gamer
    zaarif gamer

    He was a good man may our lord let him rest in peace

  • Nehemiah Pouncey
    Nehemiah Pouncey


  • Nehemiah Pouncey
    Nehemiah Pouncey

    Guess cryme time is officially Over. Pack up gold chain an heads out the Door. (Curb your enthusiasm plays)

  • Nehemiah Pouncey
    Nehemiah Pouncey

    Some idiot made a dumb video About shad.

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    It’s crazy how y’all just now remembering there or his legacy well it’s all about that Money Money......

  • Ricardo Pelaez
    Ricardo Pelaez

    Alguien que sepa español que me diga como murió este hombre :c

  • Rosa Castillo
    Rosa Castillo

    first rappers then kobe and gigi now shad

  • Ric Tone
    Ric Tone

    Yo yo yo Vmac, that's Gold

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      That hbk and triple h promo should be in this

  • Ric Tone
    Ric Tone

    Not all hero's wear capes.......some wear Timbs.

  • Cyanatic

    May he Rest In Peace

  • Ayabonga Mncube
    Ayabonga Mncube

    RIP Shad😪😪😪😪

  • Samsul Fahry
    Samsul Fahry

    Rest In Peace Brother

  • o.phillips

    Shad for the warrior award🙏

  • Hugo Barez
    Hugo Barez

    In my opinión Cryme Tyme deserves more the place in the Hall of Fame than the Bella Twins

  • shlomo shlomowitz
    shlomo shlomowitz

    RIP to the greatest midcard acts of the late 2000/early 2010s. They werent the main event but they were entertaining as hell

  • Traw 206
    Traw 206

    Cryme tyme a very underrated team and should of got a run the tag titles but thank u guys for acknowledging my guy

  • Rahman Ishtiaque Joy
    Rahman Ishtiaque Joy

    I really loved Cryme Tyme

  • Gokul

    santino freestyling was absolute gold RIP Shad

  • reyes02

    Brooklyn Brooklyn 🔥


    How did he die?

  • Wilson Weezy
    Wilson Weezy

    Thank You Shad for all, RIP 🌹, bring back JTG to WWE for memory of SHAD.

  • Oswaldo Martinez
    Oswaldo Martinez

    There are 3 dead guys in the 2nd match.

  • Ice Ryda
    Ice Ryda

    That hbk and triple h promo should be in this

  • George B
    George B

    I looked this up hoping they acknowledged Shad for what happened. Very happy to see he got recognition because he deserves it to the fullest. RIP Hero.

  • afdunna

    Rip Big Shad,Viscera and Lance Cade

  • Ashton Franklin
    Ashton Franklin

    R.I.P JTG

  • TallSomeone

    Yeah, after they completely indulged, WWE and Shad, in stereotype excess. Total ignorant stuff all the way around, in a sick world.

  • Jirair Jackson
    Jirair Jackson

    R.i.p 🕊

  • Hebrew King
    Hebrew King

    I'm not one of those Conspiracy people but can anyone tell me what that tattoo says on sha shoulder blade it has the eye 👁 of houras and we all know what that mean and Hollywood uses that alot and it very popular today but i can't see what it says above the eye i see a D i just hope he didn't tattoo a devils eye or worship any satanic idols cus this brother seem to have a beautiful spirit and he save his son at the last min and didnt panic that was the power of Yah with in him and the most high said it was his time it sad that he gone but i pray that Yah took him to a better peaceful place then this may Yah bless his family and wife i will keep them in my prayers all Praise to YAHUSHA HA MASHIYAHKH 🙏🏿

  • Joel

    Had them wearing timbs in the ring bru

  • Hebrew King
    Hebrew King

    Rip brother we gona miss this is a tough one for the black community in wwe.

  • matheus bedin
    matheus bedin

    Shad is a thru hero

  • Ian Villegas23
    Ian Villegas23

    Rip Shad, made a lot of good memories

  • J.M.O 1000
    J.M.O 1000

    Rip Shad, Vicsera, and Lance

  • D


  • Andrew Rocha
    Andrew Rocha

    Money money

  • Mercy Mary
    Mercy Mary

    But y 2020 be treating us dis bad taking all our legends what did we do wrong 2020 as we welcomed u good and now ur keeping us in the houses like prisoners, RIP shad

  • Chasity Toney
    Chasity Toney

    Damn this one hit different. Rest peacefully brother

  • Robb Dark
    Robb Dark

    He also single handedly prevented an armed robbery from happening. Rest in paradise Shad, you are a true hero.

  • Kazuma The Great Player
    Kazuma The Great Player

    God no 😭 I just found out Shad die, they one of my favorite tag team of all time. I love seeing these guys wrestle they were funny as he'll and very entertaining. RIP my Brother we love and will miss you, you will never be forgotten.


    Rest In Peace to this Great Father.

  • Austin Aguon
    Austin Aguon

    He just died today

  • Ali The Konqueror
    Ali The Konqueror

    *Most underutilized wrestler in WWE history. WWE needs to honor him with proper respect in Hall of Fame!*

  • The_golden Food_yt
    The_golden Food_yt

    Rip shad your a real hero for saving your son and stopping that robbery a few years ago you are also a true legend

  • saulski90

    Rip shad rip lance Cade rip big vis

  • Shivamsingh gheloth
    Shivamsingh gheloth


  • Andrea Martha
    Andrea Martha

    RIP 😕

  • Jeremy Sterling
    Jeremy Sterling

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> is that the Viking Raiders?

  • MecHe 12
    MecHe 12

    Man I wanted to see Cryme Tyme vs Street Profits 😢😢🙏🏿

  • Thiago Ferreira
    Thiago Ferreira

    RIP Shad and Lance Cade