Stephen A. reacts to Horace Grant calling Michael Jordan a 'liar' and a 'snitch' | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Mike Greenberg discuss former Chicago Bulls PF Horace Grant calling out Michael Jordan following “The Last Dance” documentary.
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  • Keith Turner
    Keith Turner

    Jordan was a sucker and he still is now.

  • Tor Lenoir
    Tor Lenoir

    I think Chicagoans or bulls fans would have cared if Horace or Steve Kerr made a documentary if it was well made an factual

  • FaithfulBM

    Listen, I like MJ -- But the truth of the matter is that he was probably hard on Horace and Horace resented it. MJ has his truth. Horace has his own truth. As far as who's the snitch, I don't care. The only question it true. Anything you say or do can come back on you, especially when people feel you treated them wrong.

  • david saffer
    david saffer

    cry to yourself horace... not a big deal...

  • Jamahal Maxfield
    Jamahal Maxfield

    A guilty dog barks

  • Troy_S.

    Oh snap... truculent is my word of the day

  • Annette Turner-Belmont
    Annette Turner-Belmont

    Preach Smith!

  • Annette Turner-Belmont
    Annette Turner-Belmont

    Bank you Stephen a Smith nobody would give a dam

  • Annette Turner-Belmont
    Annette Turner-Belmont

    The reporter asked a leading question

  • E DUB
    E DUB

    Hosts commenting on ball players' comments. What a joke. They get paid for this chit?

  • Iver VJ
    Iver VJ

    So MJ what you really know about the cocaine circus and all that? Well as far as I know that's just a rumor. I mean I heard about it but I was a rookie you know, I was focus on stepping up my game so I didn't go out to party with the team. THE END

  • Dom Dubz
    Dom Dubz

    If you don’t want people talking about you doing cocaine when you’re on the road... don’t do cocaine when you’re on the road. Easier said then done I know.

  • Makaveli Tha Don
    Makaveli Tha Don

    Grant Sucks lmfao

  • Nat Turner
    Nat Turner

    Stephen A worships MJ, like a little boy looking up to his idol.

  • Blake Kwamin
    Blake Kwamin

    Horace Grant backed Scottie a lot more than MJ. I liked that about him

  • A Demosthenes
    A Demosthenes

    The stupid mentality that any body can say or do anything and is ok because he was a great player is unbelievable, honestly don't understand how people that are supposedly educated can think like that.

  • Mark Nevin
    Mark Nevin

    Steven A is rubbish

  • Firestarter

    Molly always gets to the bottom of beef

  • Soso Mama
    Soso Mama

    Even Dennis Rodman talked about that they did a lot of cocaine and “fucked girls”. That was no secret. I don’t know how that is snitching.

  • Ernest Spriggs
    Ernest Spriggs

    It's still a known fact that Horace was the main character giving locker info out so how can he call anyone a snitch.🤔🤫

  • Hill Grant
    Hill Grant

    After mj lying about Thomas. Grant might be telling the trurth

  • Mike Rose
    Mike Rose

    This documentary made me dislike jordan

  • R M
    R M

    Different rules for Jordan? Duh!!

  • Michael

    Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT. Not Michael Jordan.

  • nichbuns 37
    nichbuns 37

    1) everyone knows people did coke 2) why should we forget history if it’s not so flattering to some people 3) is he lying or is he snitching, can’t be both

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      lol yall didn't really think ESPN or anyone associated was gonna go AGAINST Jordan...….did you?! and esp not Simp A. Smith.

  • changersbanger

    I do not like Stephen A Smith...Really what is the point of this Joker?

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      had asked... STFU AND DO MY MUHF**KN JOB!

  • Robbie Boyd
    Robbie Boyd

    Stephen A. is a phony hack! He positions himself on the side of who ever is more popular. No news from this guy, just very loud gossip!

  • Khalil Osbin
    Khalil Osbin

    I figured it out guys I know why molly is annoying. Her middle name is karen

  • Apera Maipi
    Apera Maipi

    MJ is GOD, thats whats getting every1..

  • Dresta tha Gangsta
    Dresta tha Gangsta

    This coming from a guy who threw his own best friend (Pippen) on the team under the bus.

  • M J
    M J

    At the end of the day none of this matters in real life 🤣

  • Big Poppa
    Big Poppa

    Stephen "mma" Smith

  • Bawse Dom
    Bawse Dom

    and that's the end of Horace Grant's 15 minutes of fame....LOL.

  • MrDeuce27

    A cold hater

  • Fly High, Lay Low
    Fly High, Lay Low

    Horace was more valuable in the first three peat run than Rodman was in the 2nd 3 peat

  • Carlos Brazao
    Carlos Brazao

    I would to know why his father was killed and he cried like a guilty person

    • Chi Non
      Chi Non

      So wasn’t he supposed to cry?

  • Carlos Brazao
    Carlos Brazao

    Stefhen a real uncle Tom bought andsold a long time ago. I believe Horace.

  • tumansky chikov
    tumansky chikov

    Dannis Rodman was the STAR of the Last dance. hehehehehe

  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan

    Makes sense .....grant admittedly was unhappy with the bulls knew he wasn't going be there long term and also has said him and Sam Smith were very close friends back then I think he talked to Smith I also think a few other players talked too.


    Horace Grant has definitely lost cool points with me. Dude just STFU! You were not an All Star. Except that. Sure you were instrumental in the Bulls first 3Peat, but because of your animosity towards Pippen and Jordan, and your inability to accept a more humble position, Phil Jackson proved that your were replaceable by acquiring Dennis Rodman. Da f*** wrong with these nicKas? If I were a player on that team, I would have NEVER been traded because I would have done exactly what Phil Jackson and/or Jordan would had asked... STFU AND DO MY MUHF**KN JOB!

  • D

    lol yall didn't really think ESPN or anyone associated was gonna go AGAINST Jordan...….did you?! and esp not Simp A. Smith.

  • D

    speak for yourself SAS. I would have watched even if Jordan wasn't involved. Jordan enhanced it no doubt. but that's the 90s BULLS......all of them were interesting. Even Dickey Simkins and Jack Haley. I lived that era, in ground zero (the Midwest, in Illinois). so yea......I woulda watched.

  • Hard Dik
    Hard Dik

    Who is horrible grant?

  • spraedtheword

    Stephen a Smith is garbage

  • Pat Riley
    Pat Riley

    Stephen A. Smith is a Jordan asslicker. Yellowed eyes Jordan is old news. Geordie Howe played in his fifties in the NHL. If Jrdan is so great now let's see him play now in the current NBA. .

  • William Jeffers
    William Jeffers

    Horace was not was not even on the 2nd 3peat team. horace was not on the team when Jordan was a rookie.

  • Tk Hannibal
    Tk Hannibal

    MJ is trash I would pick Kobe n deff LJ over him any day

  • Tk Hannibal
    Tk Hannibal

    MJ used Horace as a scapegoat, the star can't take a charge that's the job for the " lesser star" around them....

  • ace jojo
    ace jojo

    First off they asked Jordan the question about the bulls coco circus 🎪 and Horace swears it wasn’t him who snitched when the Jordan rules came out... even though he says that the writer is his friend and the writer thanked him in the book. So child please. Next even the other bulls players said it was Horace and that he was jealous of MJ and angry that Jerry didn’t want to pay 💰 him so he left. Pippen is mad after he already saw the last dance but he thought everyone was going to see it the way. Wrong Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    It’s not really snitching🤷🏽‍♂️mfs knw athletes were smoking crack back then💯😭

  • Keith McDowell
    Keith McDowell

    MJ has garbage. it's just that simple. STOP putting MJ on a pedestal.

  • SuperZap12345

    Horace is 100% correct. Jordan was a selfish player/person. As far as speaking with Sam Smith, all the Bulls players spoke with him. Sam was a beat writer for the Bulls for years. And the stuff about there being special rules for Jordan is accurate. Horace was a great player and rightfully felt that Jordan was taking all the credit for the success of the Bulls.

  • Tommy WordSmith
    Tommy WordSmith

    Stupid Steven Flies again on his witches broom, learned new words and copying past sports figures personas, cause he don't have his own original....

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      Jordan did all kinds of drugs and cheated on his wife.

  • Keebler Biskeefin
    Keebler Biskeefin

    There is some residoo-doo there for sure. Grant, just a sour little skank!

  • dragline neal
    dragline neal

    Would be nice to hear from someone who knows what he's talking about(Greenberg) (Kellerman).

  • Dom Nel
    Dom Nel

    Mike is a liar, snitch, rat, cheater and got his father killed with his foolishness.

  • Dean Konstantian
    Dean Konstantian

    only in America are serial killers and psychopaths not only blindly praised but have God like status, lol

  • Judith Myers-Gell
    Judith Myers-Gell

    This would have been a great story with or without MJ....the insight of all the players and good to see. If you are a basketball fan, the documentary would have been wonderful.

  • jeff Leveille
    jeff Leveille

    Horace is nothing what did he do after he left the bulls. 🤔 funny Jordan got him a ring never bite the hand that feed you..

  • Jacob Cottrell
    Jacob Cottrell

    Some stories are best left untold...

  • TheShortMan

    Why he talk like he's cutting a WWE promo.

  • kenneth salter
    kenneth salter

    Imagine Grant and Rodman On that team at the same time???...Geez!!!

  • Emeded Ambriz
    Emeded Ambriz

    After Horace Grant left for Orlando the Bulls needed to sign Dennis Rodman to fill the empty void. Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant did all the dirty work and were never given any credit for their contributions. Michael Jordan hardly ever covered the other teams star player that was mostly Pippen and Ron Harper’s job. Rodman shut out Shaq and Karl Malone while Jordan had it easy. Look at what happen to Jordan in Washington a lot of points but no playoffs or championships. Same thing like in the 80’s a lot of points but no championships. Jordan needed help.

  • Bob Franklin
    Bob Franklin

    This is just my opinion but it sounds like some hating going on here. Horace Grant, Craig Hodges and whoever else with issues, this is for you. 1. I never saw any of you take a winning shot. 2. Each of you have rings because of 23. 3. Neither of you haters will ever be as good as 23, even in your dreams. 4. If 23 never came to the Bulls we wouldn't be here talking about any dance, get it yet. 5. Of course there are different rules for MJ and Scottie, they were the stars, everyone else was the supporting cast. Deal with and stay in your lane.

  • Josseph Davvid
    Josseph Davvid

    Molly as Nemo 😂😅😀😎

  • Bast

    MJ's eyes are bloodshot often.

  • Jason Michael
    Jason Michael

    Horace Who??

  • Peter Toadstone
    Peter Toadstone

    Jordan did all kinds of drugs and cheated on his wife.

  • Dj The Shooter
    Dj The Shooter

    Horace is ringless without Jordan. Very good player though!

  • Big Zs On The Way
    Big Zs On The Way

    It was a Jordan Documentary because they tryna protect his legacy for whatever reason.

  • Jerome Maida
    Jerome Maida

    Can Stephen A. stop licking MJ's nuts? People would have watched "The Last Dance" if it was about the TEAM!

  • William Bolden
    William Bolden

    SO THE TRUTH DOESN'T MATTER. only who yell the loudest..

  • James for Safe Streets
    James for Safe Streets

    WILT CHAMBERLAIN IS THE GOAT!!! Larry Bird was 23-11 vs. Michael Jordan including 6-0 in the playoffs even though Michael Jordan scored 63 points in a game against the Celtics who still won!!! I guess Larry Bird was better than Michael Jordan. No, but Larry had BETTER PLAYERS AROUND HIM, just like Russell did vs Chamberlain. IT IS A TEAM GAME, yet Chamberlain’s teams took Russell’s teams to Game 7 four times and lost by only a COMBINED 9 points !!! And Chamberlain didn’t have hardly any other talent around him. MICHAEL JORDAN STARTED WINNING ONCE LARRY BIRD’S AND MAGIC JOHNSON’S CAREERS WERE PRETTY MUCH DONE. IF MICHAEL JORDAN HAD STARTED IN THE NBA IN 1979 LIKE BIRD AND MAGIC, then MICHAEL JORDAN WOULD NOT HAVE WON 6 TITLES!!! NO WAY, NO HOW!!!

  • Odis Brown
    Odis Brown

    I've lost a lot of respect for Dennis Rodman because he needed to be baby sat all the time Horace Grant would have done the job just as well as Rodman but the Chicago bulls did not want to pay him....

  • Talk Is Cheap Media
    Talk Is Cheap Media

    He not wrong tho .. how u throw ya BROTHERS under the bus like that knowing ya platform , everything not for everybody .. ion expect a F*ckboy to understand

  • A A
    A A

    I don't remember him bringing up names. It's ok to bring up events just not names

  • Erick Socgfack
    Erick Socgfack

    Molly's voice at the beginning ruined this segment for me 🥵 sheesh.

  • David Caton
    David Caton

    Clearly the American people need to get a life, I don’t know, maybe read a book.

  • Douglas Lee
    Douglas Lee

    Jordan didn't name names, and that was thirty years later. Horace flat out snitched during their active years, a qualitative difference.

  • Holy Diver71
    Holy Diver71

    Jordan was the strongest member of the BULLS team. Pippen quit. Grant left. Armstrong was a role player. Rodman is the only interesting player. Of course it’s going to be about the greatest member of your team!?!?!? Duh!