Dad, how do I?
I just wanted to send out a quick thank you video to everyone.

  • Lunx Music
    Lunx Music

    The only man with more subs than views

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    There Is No Spoon

    Not 400,000 anymore :)

  • Geovanni López Rik'O
    Geovanni López Rik'O

    Te felicito por tus vídeos. Me pareció una idea excelente. Continua haciendo más videos así. Eres increíble y te admiro por eso. Saludos desde México. Deberías de poner en tus vídeos subtítulos en español, para aquellos jóvenes que no dominan tu idioma. Así, mientras les enseñas como planchar una camisa, estarán aprendiendo un segundo idioma. Sigue así, éxito!!!

  • Sarah Gebauer
    Sarah Gebauer

    Thanks for beeing dad 💖

  • mahmoud hassan
    mahmoud hassan

    i lost my father when i was young ,i felt like i lost something more than any thing ever i lost the feeling of safe you look like him some how you managed to make me feel a warm feelings that kept me happy and waiting your next video to just watch you stay safe and thank you very much i hope you keep recording your videos for ever

  • Lexi Riddell
    Lexi Riddell

    What an inspiration!!!

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    Games World

    New games channel, subscribe to the channel to receive all new

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    UN CRACK!!!!

  • Yaacov

    *400k...a few days later over 2M!*

  • SeanPFord

  • Tyson

    Valuetainment brought me here subscriber good hearted man ❤️

  • Yaacov

    Found you from Patrick's channel. *Who else did too?*

  • Don Akala
    Don Akala

    Thank you sir from the black nation of miami dade

  • Kazingram Dialogue
    Kazingram Dialogue

    This man is the human of the year!

  • Soufiane Msayah
    Soufiane Msayah

    How about you run for the office?!!

  • Theresia Tristini
    Theresia Tristini

    I can feel your sincerity

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    Johnny Hot Rod


  • Phoebe Eryn
    Phoebe Eryn

    THANK YOU💖💖💘

  • M Robles
    M Robles

    No thank you.

  • M Robles
    M Robles

    Where were you when I was raising my children. As a mom and a dad had to deal with mechanic, construction, friendship, tutoring, and work in the financial industry.

  • Rog Bravo
    Rog Bravo

    saw you on TikTok and had to subscribe

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    JJ Classic


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    Chris Hill


  • Paper Man - إنسان ورق
    Paper Man - إنسان ورق

    Your channel is great Greetings to you from Egypt I am a paper man I create content on my channel about origami I hope, my friends, that you will support me

  • doug Miller
    doug Miller

    I love your truths and authenticity

  • doug Miller
    doug Miller

    Sent from valuetainment

  • Lina Audere
    Lina Audere

    Wouw how cool and inspiring! 🙏😎😉❤️

  • Hani Gazzaz
    Hani Gazzaz

    Great Guy, keep it up

  • SgtSkittle117

    Yeah, we are all in agreement, you are now the dad of the internet.

  • Víctor Rojas
    Víctor Rojas

    This channel is great ❤️

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    تجارب ميمو

    Follow me please, i'm egyptian 💓🇪🇬❤️

  • Margaret Cezar
    Margaret Cezar

    Love the shirt's message. It suits you being an influencer!

  • Haylee Fricke
    Haylee Fricke

    You should start putting ads in the beginning your videos! It's nothing for us to skip over them and it's a support to you and your family! Keep up the good work!

  • guei gueikk
    guei gueikk

    obrigada pai♡

  • guei gueikk
    guei gueikk

    aaa vc é mto fofo

  • alakif


  • Diego Kells
    Diego Kells

    protect this guy at all costs

  • Pxpi Lucy
    Pxpi Lucy

    The Uncle Phil of this generation

  • Георгий Харламов
    Георгий Харламов

    Thank you! We love you

  • 코어뮬란

    You are my hero! Thanks!!!

  • TheSpNoss

    "I'M OVER 400K SUBS" Over 2M. Lov ya dad.

  • Captain Lucifer
    Captain Lucifer

    We have: Internet Dad. And we have Gaming Grandmom. UZsoft is slowly growing a family

  • Dawn Cruz
    Dawn Cruz

    I just wanna say thank you for doing this page. As a single mother of 3, 2 of them are boys. I put them both in Boy Scouts cuz although they did see their Dad on a bi-weekly basis they needed to be taught certain things as they grow that I just couldn’t teach them. It would hurt my heart seeing my oldest watching a video to learn to tie a tie. I wish your page existed when they were growing up. They are now 25 & 23. God bless you

  • Renz Joson
    Renz Joson

    Love your contents, dad

  • IamtWIN12

    Thank you for being so GREAT. God bless you.

  • Shraddha Bansode
    Shraddha Bansode

    Just came here to say - Thanks! :)

  • alterblast

    very wholesome

  • PrettyYellagirl71

    I’m 48 yo with a father who committed suicide when I was about 5yo..I didn’t have a relationship with him before hand because of his major mental health issues that my mom wanted to protect me from, so I always felt I was better off only having a great mom to raise me (she was and still is my favorite person in the world and really did the work of two parents) and didn’t need a father figure in my life. Half way thru this vid and I’m sobbing.... because at this very moment, I realize that I miss my dad. I’m going to watch every one of his videos and will have no shame while crying thru every one of them. God bless this man and god bless his family for sharing him with us !!!

  • Joey Lam
    Joey Lam

    Thank you so much for being so vulnerable and real to us all! Huge encouragement to us all :) God bless!

  • يوميات ابو سعد Ahmed saad
    يوميات ابو سعد Ahmed saad

    Really, from a real father, we learned from you what we should be I am Egyptian and I was honored to be there and I hope to be accepted as a family

  • Katrina Brando
    Katrina Brando

    A king.

  • Rajith Fernando
    Rajith Fernando

    I just subbed because you are a good human being ❤️ stay safe and stay awesome

  • Add a K get K’d
    Add a K get K’d

    No, thank you❤️

  • kev_dotcom

    2 Million subs now 😳💪🏻 Keep up the good work. Best regards from Germany 🍻

  • S F R
    S F R

    Can someone explain to me what is the deal? Like, why is he thanking us? I have no idea what’s going on.

  • Camille Patterson
    Camille Patterson

    You are a stand-up man, taking time out of your busy life to fulfill a need that is great in our world. Men like you make the world a better place. Thank you.

  • Omkar Kulkarni
    Omkar Kulkarni

    Video length is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> *NOICE*

  • Moments formoms
    Moments formoms

    Love the joke and his shirt. He’s so amazing about being a good dad. I wish my sons life was better (he’s 8 1/2) but his dad & dads family has put me through so much depression and hardship that unfortunately it affected my son too. Couldn’t have been a normal deadbeat dad who left so I could’ve given our son a half decent life,nope-had to keep me trapped in a place where life was hell for me & our son but it was easy and convenient for him and his moms ego. We finally the 3 of us moved after nearly 10 years of me trying,things are slowly getting better but unfortunately it won’t change the past all I can do is try to make a better present and future.

  • Charlotte

    Bless your heart🙏🏽🦋❤️

  • Alley Habla
    Alley Habla

    Hi, Im from Philippines. Ive subscribed when it was 200k and Im so happy that this channel have grown so much! I have my dad and he's the best for me but I join here coz you have that warm vibe same as my papa and the content is so wholesome. Thank you for helping and making the world a happy place. :)) btw sorry for my poor english.

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    hahhaa and Switchfoot rocks‼️💯🎉🙌🏻✨

  • Love Stephanie
    Love Stephanie

    You are amazing & blessed. Thank you for being a awesome person ! ❤️ love you so much big pops

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  • Magzob Madni
    Magzob Madni

    We are the ones that should thank you. You helped Alot

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      I have a father and although he has been great at supplying us, there are things that he has not taught me. Thanks for the channel God be with you

  • PelmenStream

    heh, I don't know what! THANK YOU))

  • conner anderson
    conner anderson

    My dad never left us, however I wasn't able to learn all these basic to-do things due to the fact that he was always gone so much for work. I am 20 years old and just learned how to change my oil and change a tire. I know people younger than me who know how to do way more. But I don't get mad at my dad for not being able to teach me because I know many people in the world deal with not having a dad at all! Watching this channel is super helpful and I greatly appreciate what this man is doing for so many people who don't have the luxury of having someone there to teach you things

  • Ali

    *What a wonderful special human being you are. Thank you for caring about others*

  • AmericanPinay

    Hi Dad! I love everything you taught. So valuable especially in our everyday life. You inspired me. Your the dad I never had. Thank you, keep doing what you do.👍

  • iPocketYT

    Dad how to support myself my dad isn't staying with us anymore what i did is just to create a youtube channel #iPocketYT just started, what is your advice dad?

  • burntavocadotoast

    My heart 😭❤️

  • Lucas Werenich
    Lucas Werenich

    Ur amazing

  • Mohin Hasin Rabbi
    Mohin Hasin Rabbi

    Sending hugs with loads of love. You earned it man!!❤🙌

  • a e s t h e t i c v i b e s
    a e s t h e t i c v i b e s

    So cute 🥺🥺🥺

  • Amber Chu
    Amber Chu

    If being a parent needed to be licensed, then this guy MUST be on the textbook.

  • cnyr05

    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing your “how to’s”.

  • Haktic Gaming
    Haktic Gaming

    I miss you dad, I know you're out there because you're not here.

  • Samo Ahmed
    Samo Ahmed

    1 mil in a week wow

  • Lana Del Mei
    Lana Del Mei

    We've got Skyrim Grandma and Dad, How Do I? We're growing our UZsoft Family Tree

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez

    I have a father and although he has been great at supplying us, there are things that he has not taught me. Thanks for the channel God be with you

  • Asil

    You posted this not even 10 days ago and now you're almost at TWO MILLION! Thank you UZsoft dad!

I am proud of you!
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