The Night My Heart Stopped Beating
Young Don The Sauce God
Top 5 scariest moments of my life. Buckle up buckaroo, i'm bout to take you for a ride.
The Night My Heart Stopped Beating - Animated by Young Don The Sauce God
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  • Young Don The Sauce God
    Young Don The Sauce God

    Thank you for watching, I hope this video made your lock down a little more enjoyable, and when you're done, don't forget to check out my friends at Pham Jam animations:

    • Fused Gogeta
      Fused Gogeta

      Young If see this: I love your videos I look up to you. You truly have the Sauce

    • Dave the god
      Dave the god

      Ye mon dis video definitely made quarantine better for me hope u staying me General 🤣

    • Scott Vincent Tales
      Scott Vincent Tales

      Seth Vice Wow, I’m glad you are doing well now

    • Aldre Wauchope
      Aldre Wauchope

      i know u still remember that "specific sentence"..🙌

    • C_Mray YT
      C_Mray YT

      Young Don The Sauce God cool doctor tho

  • Pro_ NOOB
    Pro_ NOOB

    triniboi passing

  • Linel Jenkins
    Linel Jenkins

    does he have coronavirus

  • The Alex 43
    The Alex 43

    R.i.p don

  • Jay Santos
    Jay Santos

    “Shock me nigga shock me” LMAO😭

  • Reezy

    Bianca was an SS tier threat

  • Reezy

    Bianca was an SS tier threat

  • Vuyo Makhwelo
    Vuyo Makhwelo

    Ask me about the anesthesia 😂 I've had alot of those in this lifetime

  • Vuyo Makhwelo
    Vuyo Makhwelo

    The clear thing 😂

  • destructon101

    Your stupid

  • Squidwards Nose
    Squidwards Nose


  • Shyne Williams
    Shyne Williams

    So after all of that you didn't go on the show "sex sent me to the ER"

  • T. H.
    T. H.


  • T. H.
    T. H.

    I thought he was going to be diagnosed with covid-19, honestly I'm glad that he wasn't.

    • Charles Lusk
      Charles Lusk

      This was a few years ago

  • Anthony Norra
    Anthony Norra

    Fun storytime of my own in 2014 i got stabbed multible times in the ribs and in the stomach died in the ambulance and was then ressucitaded in the ambulance dont fuck around in the streets

  • farus kiflom
    farus kiflom

    Mama bear is real one ☝🏼💯

  • Brandz

    Shortys kitty sent him to hospital

  • played pieces
    played pieces

    Good lol

  • Skade

    My man was having too much fun

  • The BigBrainShow
    The BigBrainShow

    Pussy was to good😂😂

  • Blocks_bucks Games
    Blocks_bucks Games

    When I walked in I would've said um my hart is not beating

  • Daylen Hugan
    Daylen Hugan

    I’m just glad your ok.

  • iceynike3

    A Healthy heart rate is a trap beat

  • Lord of Skag
    Lord of Skag

    his heart stopped for like a split second when they shocked him tight

  • Rocierra Green
    Rocierra Green

    Man that's one honest doctor and well were all glad your here and healthy.

  • TrulyVc

    My last name Hines too

  • Slice Dice
    Slice Dice

    This sounds like an episode of house.

  • lora rosario
    lora rosario

    I think I have the same thing

    • lora rosario
      lora rosario

      I'm only 10

    • lora rosario
      lora rosario

      I'm not kidding 😨😰

  • Unkill Larry012
    Unkill Larry012

    🥺 RIP

  • King Zzz
    King Zzz

    I have afib

  • KDY Family
    KDY Family

    Forever my fav young don video

  • Thunder_strike_4

    Bruh I love these also I like this kinda animation

  • TheNeedToKnow

    If this was Africa that thumbnail would not be that skinny even if you in da hospital

  • Icy King
    Icy King

    Almost sent him to heaven

  • kov

    how is he not dead then???

  • Xxcoreyslahs The coolest
    Xxcoreyslahs The coolest

    Oh he need some milk this man almost lost is self because them cheeks to good mhmmm 💯 and only one person working on mae

  • R3IK 2REAL
    R3IK 2REAL

    Kamikazi slap hard asf🔥

  • JLB-topic

    What is dat song 🔥🔥

  • Flawless1

    a1 box

  • Matt Ricketts
    Matt Ricketts

    Damn thats some serious 😺

  • Vivica Kaale
    Vivica Kaale

    Nobody: Don: sHoCk Me

  • Phantom Tydxl
    Phantom Tydxl

    i swear if you make merch saying "My G" i would take ur whole stock

  • Isaiah Steward
    Isaiah Steward

    This mans story telling skills mixed wit his comedy is A1😂 💯

  • Cool builder 23
    Cool builder 23

    She was so good it almost killed this man lmfaooo

  • Malik

    “A1 box shi was so good it almost put me inna box”😭😂😂😂

  • Toothpaste64

    Young don the un killable god

  • Danijel Lukic
    Danijel Lukic


  • mario velasco
    mario velasco

    experienced this shit 😭😭😭

  • StepBroLizard G
    StepBroLizard G

    i lost it when he said "shock me nigga, shock me."

  • ZW - 08SA - Lougheed MS (1486)
    ZW - 08SA - Lougheed MS (1486)

    A1 Box "pxssy so good almost put me in a box" dkm


    My hand is broken and its night and i cant sleep great

  • Chantelle Modisane
    Chantelle Modisane

    No more strokes for you Don_ *Pun intended*

  • Tobi Obe
    Tobi Obe

    I love mama bear

  • Dark Dragon
    Dark Dragon

    Yooo broskiiii we need more videossss🤬🤪

  • KGB Qua
    KGB Qua

    Why don never draw his dreads

  • KJW the best
    KJW the best

    Man it was because you had that hot ass jacket on

  • robux gaming
    robux gaming

    Shock me ninga shock me

  • James COUSIN
    James COUSIN

    aye yo don I only waited 30 seconds for the ER

  • Keke’s Korner
    Keke’s Korner

    im pretty sure they heard yall cooking at least onceeee and probably just went back to bed

  • Unique XP
    Unique XP

    am shook now am checking my heartbeat every two seconds

  • Suliman Mishel
    Suliman Mishel

    Who is here from tik tok

  • Scott Vincent Tales
    Scott Vincent Tales

    Great job explaining Afib. I used to work in a company that treats Afib. Your story nailed it. I’m glad everything worked out and it hasn’t recurred.

  • Richie Rahmos Entertainment
    Richie Rahmos Entertainment

    Yute you ah fool

  • Lucas Scott
    Lucas Scott

    How Abigail is this kids ego

  • SO Animations !
    SO Animations !

    Good Animations 👍👍👍

  • DaT bOi
    DaT bOi

    They stole your content for a add

  • DaT bOi
    DaT bOi


  • DaT bOi
    DaT bOi

    Some one

  • DaT bOi
    DaT bOi

    It’s important

  • DaT bOi
    DaT bOi


  • Already Dead
    Already Dead

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> AFRIKA 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  • Saucy Dino
    Saucy Dino

    Shit got my weak *shock my nigga”

  • Shadøw Gxd
    Shadøw Gxd

    Young don the dead god

  • ツAdomatic

    I found this vid by looking up Howard the alien lmao

  • The glow in The dark
    The glow in The dark

    You've earned a sub

  • The glow in The dark
    The glow in The dark


  • Daniel Cecil
    Daniel Cecil


  • Dunavan Gainer
    Dunavan Gainer

    Yo what's up man i had a man that sounds like you and do you have pubg plz tell me because a men sounds like you but it wasn't so my heart is 💔 in to small pieces plz tell me young son do you have pubg I you don't my 💓 is broke forever plz tell me you have it😫😫😫😫😫😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • sTraneceh

    i am scared now :)


    Vaping ain’t it