Visiting the Last Blockbuster Video - Cinemassacre
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James, Justin, and Kieran traveled to the last Blockbuster Video that's located in Bend, Oregon!! They took a road trip down from Portland, after Portland Retro Gaming Expo weekend October, 2019. The sights, sounds, and smells of their old stomping grounds was like something else. A flash from the past, where you would always go every Friday night to get the newest movie releases, hottest games, or obscure b-movie rentals. Sadly, Blockbuster's 9,000 world-wide locations dwindled down to just one. But, that comes with everything turning digital... or with movies just slapped into the Red Box at your local grocery store. Regardless, the Last Blockbuster in Bend is a tribute to anyone who lived in the 90s, especially with their museum section and classic memorabilia everywhere. Thanks to the owner Sandi for allowing us to film in the store! And, sorry that our audio isn't the best, the store is very active.
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  • evieraotacon

    Wow I am at a loss for words. How I miss Blockbuster. 😔

  • Anthony Moreno
    Anthony Moreno

    Scrollin thru videos I thought u kinda looked like Jared from Subway

  • Matthew Szukalski Jr
    Matthew Szukalski Jr

    Love the 90’s Metallica “memory still remains reference ” at the end as well lol

  • Matthew Szukalski Jr
    Matthew Szukalski Jr

    Nostalgia overdrive

  • Tails The car enthusiast
    Tails The car enthusiast

    James making a casual video *Kalm* James making a gaming video *A N G E R Y*

  • Westonator5000

    we had a Rogers Video where we would rent Super Smash Bro's every week, it was the shit

  • FlatBlackCaddy

    I wish the soviets would invent an atomic weapon that when dropped, wouldn't destroy the world, but revert it back into the 80's. Best nuclear winter ever.....

  • Damien Coldon
    Damien Coldon

    Awesome dudes

  • Trantor The Troll
    Trantor The Troll That the GAME CUNTER With you there, James!?

  • Chacerman

    Holy shit, you were actually here in my hometown and I didn't know....dammit. Feels like I missed a golden opportunity

  • TheRussianReversal

    This weirdly made me want to find some Blockbuster signage to put in my game room

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    The Russel Crowe stuff was bought by John Oliver for the store!

  • Timmy the King
    Timmy the King

    I wish that block buster would come back to Louisiana and I think block buster is beter then the red box and this is a great UZsoft of y'all. Show us a block buster video ok thank u and please have a good day and god bless

  • Mr.Bboy

    this city or town must not have fast internet for them to still have a block buster

  • mackstertube

    We still have an independent video rental place near our home. It's really awesome.

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      The closest one to my house is now a AT&T store. Thankfully they didn't tear it down because i still see it as Blockbuster. ❤

  • Devil_Pigeon

    ah this brings back memories! going to Blockbuster on a friday afternoon to pick up a video game and some cheesy horror film dad and i would watch when mom wasn't looking! good times.

  • Ryan Pendzik
    Ryan Pendzik

    Hollywood studios was also awesome

  • Ryan Pendzik
    Ryan Pendzik

    They were both awesome

  • papageorgio419

    I got into more fights with my girlfriends picking out a movie.


    2030 - Visiting the last GameStop

  • Jordan Ramsay-Jenkins
    Jordan Ramsay-Jenkins

    No money for games as a kid? No problem speed run everything on a weekend and return, get money back and save for next weekend. AHH I miss this

  • Miguel Ramirez
    Miguel Ramirez

    Nice Ridge Racer reference

  • kingbasebow 69
    kingbasebow 69

    October 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • W. Ray
    W. Ray

    I remember walking into Blockbuster as a kid 😥😥😥. The smell of videos and popcorn. If only Blockbuster came out with a steaming service before Netflix it would have been a different outcome.


    There’s one still in Alaska it’ll probably never close because they don’t have very good Internet out there so they have to have movies

  • Josh Dollins
    Josh Dollins

    wife and I were driving through bend a few years ago and stopped by-totally worth it I miss going every week :(

  • Abby Yorks
    Abby Yorks

    I prefer Family Video 😉

  • GodHatesGlobalists

    Great video guys. Brought back crazy memories. I worked in a Hollywood Video for a while. Just think it was actually redox that took out the movie stores for the most part. They were gone before most streaming services became dominant

  • Cortex

    we took blockbuster for granted

  • lbmautos

    The closest one to my house is now a AT&T store. Thankfully they didn't tear it down because i still see it as Blockbuster. ❤

  • Max

    I don't know. You see one Blockbuster, you've seen them all.

  • David Jansen
    David Jansen

    Only went to blockbuster a few times. I mainly went to movie gallery. But when they went out, i went to family video. I still go to my family video every once and awhile. Not too often though

  • Mitch. E
    Mitch. E

    "Harold and Kumar Go To Blockbuster" when???

  • Broken President E
    Broken President E

    I remember driving pass them, but one day they just vanished.

  • epicfirsts888

    excellent. more outings pls

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020

    Imagine working in this blockbuster way back when, not knowing that out of all of them, this would be the last one.

  • Geoff Weber
    Geoff Weber

    I was a loyal blockbuster customer. Back when Netflix was still dvd-by-mail, I opted for Blockbuster Total Access. I loved being able to exchange my mailed DVDs at a store to get a new one.

  • JJGeneral1 Arcade
    JJGeneral1 Arcade

    All of the russel crowe stuff is from john oliver and his show "last week tonight". They sent it to them a few years ago. Look it up!


    damn that was so 90s

  • Game Racer
    Game Racer

    Ridge wallets. That’s just what I have been looking for. Thanks.

  • Michał Krzycki
    Michał Krzycki

    Now I feel like a dinosaur.

  • Zackary

    I want to know if this has that same beautiful Blockbuster smell when you walk in.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent

    They should have a section that sells DVD players, haven't seen a DVD player in years.

  • Filip Pusca
    Filip Pusca

    You are tridickheads together!

  • Ross Jones
    Ross Jones

    Sos space launch Space is an acid stronger than magic, the earth has a force field I wont let u leave regards Yoshimitsu

  • Kamijedi

    Shucks I was just in bend from Montana last week. I didn’t know about this. Well I guess I should hit the road again

  • Southern Bella Donna
    Southern Bella Donna

    I was always more of a Hollywood Video kind of girl.

  • Curtis The Bounty Hunter
    Curtis The Bounty Hunter

    I remember having a blockbuster in my area, I didn’t care for it because we had a another place called four star video and I knew the person that owned that and when blockbuster came on the scene it took out that local rental place. But that’s pretty cool that there’s one still open it reminds me being a 80s kid renting vhs tapes and popcorn. But thanks for the video.

  • Натан Ко
    Натан Ко

    Lol reminded me SouthPark episode :D where Randy buyed one Blockbuster

  • Iwan Elcock
    Iwan Elcock

    Man I miss blockbuster

  • Bobby Davis
    Bobby Davis

    I miss blockbuster

  • Zozzy_arcV

    Respect to the people who kept the DVDs they rented and now blockbusters closed, freebies I guess

  • Brandon Hoke
    Brandon Hoke

    My millennial childhood senses are tingling.

  • Fiat Equality Czar
    Fiat Equality Czar

    I still have my card! Also, I love the song at the end.

  • John Corbin
    John Corbin

    The best store to ever close down. I loved blockbuster, I still remember the vanilla air freshener that made me feel right at home every time I walked in. Redbox is trash, you have one day to watch a movie, blockbuster, 9.99 a month, unlimited rentals and you didn't have to scroll through a piece of shit touch screen that 1000+ other people have used. How did this happen? There isn't a single movie streaming service that could replace the selection they had. Mankind is a joke for giving up on such an amazing company because "netflix is more convienant". Isn't that part of the experience? Being able to get out of the house and actually interact with other people?

  • Global Pandemic of FAKE NEWS
    Global Pandemic of FAKE NEWS

    STOP Traveling around OREGON during a freaking PANDEMIC spreading your INFECTION!

  • Bobby Thompson
    Bobby Thompson

    You know what’s BS? Having a nearly empty parking lot and parking directly beside another car....

  • Kegan Mahon
    Kegan Mahon


  • Barney Lynch
    Barney Lynch

    Glad to see you there. I try and support them every time i visit Bend.

  • Jonathan Vilario
    Jonathan Vilario

    Honestly, I saw a blockbuster box a long time ago. I'm shocked that redbox somehow passed them in that regard.

  • BJM Graphics
    BJM Graphics

    Now it's just Red Box. Oh that's lame.

  • Jody B
    Jody B

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news....Auburn, Ny still has a Blockbusters open.

  • Vita Min
    Vita Min

    what a trip

  • Mixmaster_djknight3

    They should bring them all back I'm old school and I like the old school way renting a movie and why not

  • DaShonuff

    I miss "You Know Whats BULLSHIT!!!!"

  • E Z
    E Z

    dude god damnit

  • pacocelli

    There's a Vhs copy of "The Y2K survival guide. As hosted by Lenard nimoy" in his ridge wallet add and i totaly need them to do ancinemasscre on that. My buddy and I found it in a thrift shop years ago and it is unintentionally hilarious.

  • Jesse Guajardo
    Jesse Guajardo

    I miss Blockbusters.

  • EJ Garza
    EJ Garza

    I go to Blockbuster everytime I want to play a new game and watch new movie with my family. I want to go to the last Blockbuster store someday

  • Peter Jacobs
    Peter Jacobs

    Do you really miss the store or just the age you were back then?

  • MCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording Studio
    MCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording Studio

    Back when you had to walk through your Netflix queue

  • Justin Tomko
    Justin Tomko

    Probably some one bought out that blockbuster an started the business from the ground up

  • mamamia88

    "it's science...I believe in it... I don't need a study" why do I entertain this guy? Oh it's entertaining

  • LonelyRenegade

    At the start of every weekend my parents, siblings and I would go to blockbuster to rent a movie and a PS2 game... I wish we could still do things that way. It was so much simpler.

  • James Cojay
    James Cojay

    Nostalgia 100

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell

    I remember speeding up to drop box to get the tape in before the late fee took effect.

  • Max Hernandez
    Max Hernandez

    It's always cool to go on adventures with your friends.

  • SmirkyTrick

    the boys driving all the way to Oregon to see the last Blockbuster is giving me Stand By Me vibes.

  • gnoda

    craig feldspar

  • Lazy Gaming
    Lazy Gaming

    imagine going in public in this corona virus environment

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